Cleveland Launcher DST Fairway Wood – First Glance

UPDATE: FULL REVIEW IS POSTED – Cleveland Launcher DST Fairway Wood Review

The Cleveland Launcher DST Fairway Wood has been getting some good reviews on a quite a few websites out there, and it also earned a silver on the Golf Digest 2010 Hotlist. A couple days ago, I arrived home after a grueling day at the office to find a box containing an assortment of Cleveland golf clubs, including one of these puppies. I received a left handed (the only way to golf 🙂 ) 15 degree Launcher DST 3W to put through the paces and write about.

The stock shaft ranges between 42.125″ – 43.125″ in length and is the Mitsubishi Ultralight Diamana Red 64 that is designed to improve launch angle to enhance carry distance. The Ultralight technology in the Cleveland Launcher DST is lighter and longer and produces faster clubhead speed for longer shots with more carry.

The club has a 180cc head and Cleveland has incorporated an over sized stainless steel face design to provide a larger toe and heel hitting area. This larger hitting area provides greater forgiveness with off-center shots resulting in greater consistency, even on lousy swings.

I really enjoy the aesthetics of the club, it has a tradition look and shape on the top of the clubhead whilst the bottom of the club has a sleek design that one can be proud of. It’s the mullet of golf clubs, traditional on top, cool on the bottom! 🙂 🙂

The Cleveland Launcher DST Fairway Wood comes in five different lofts; 13°, 15°, 17°, 19° and 22°.

The 13°-17° lofts are the 3W offerings, varying between low trajectory, standard trajectory and high trajectory respectively. The 19° is the 5W and 22° is the 7W.

Earlier this week I headed to the driving range and hit the Cleveland Golf Launcher DST Fairway Wood. First impressions are kind of mild, there’s nothing that stands out as totally amazing or game changing. I’m playing this weekend with it, perhaps that will change things.

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