Cleveland Launcher DST Driver – First Glance

Cleveland Launcher DST was released  in November 2009 and is the latest in the Cleveland Golf driver line.

It comes in three models, the DST, Draw and Launcher Tour.

What makes this driver stand out over many of the other drivers released in 2010 is concept behind the design.

The lighter you can make a club, the more clubhead speed a golfer will be able to generate thus increasing the distance the ball travels.

Every element in the Cleveland Launcher DST Driver seems to illustrate this point. From the Sub 300G ultralight technology to the Mitsubishi Diamana Ultralight shaft.

The total weight of the Cleveland Launcher DST Driver is 292 grams making it about 25 grams lighter than standard drivers and making it the lightest driver on the PGA Tour.

Because of the Sub 300g technology and the increase clubhead speed, Cleveland states that the Launcher DST will increase your distance off the tee between three to ten yards.

The Cleveland Launcher DST also features the new MaxCOR Face Technology. This technology allows higher C.O.R (Coefficient of Restitution) on off-center impacts due to variable face thickness. Also, mishits will benefit from a higher trampoline effect for more ball speed and distance. I can totally attest to this, I played a quick nine last week and on the last hole, I completely flubbed my drive and the ball was traveling no higher than five feet off the ground and I still managed to make it to the 150 stick!

Nine grams of weight were removed from the face and repositioned low and deep into clubhead to create a deeper center of gravity for higher MOI and reduced side spin on drives.

The stock shaft in the Cleveland Launcher DST is a 45.75″ Mitsubishi Diamana Red series shaft, which is 3/4-inch longer than a standard length shaft that weighs just 47 grams.

The Cleveland Launcher DST Draw features a club face that is 3° closed and internal weighting that promotes a right-to-left ball flight.

The Cleveland Launcher DST Tour has a 430cc pear shaped club head is that is 2° open and comes standard with a 64-gram Mitsubishi White series shaft.

I requested a left handed nine degree driver which was a pretty ballzy move on my part because all I’ve been hitting up to this point is a 10.5 degree driver. Presently, my gamer is the Nike Str-8 Fit Driver, that until just recently, I was playing two degrees closed to help offset my not-so-awesome slice.

First impressions of the Cleveland Golf Launcher DST Driver are very positive. It’s taken a bit to get used to hitting the nine degree, but man, when you make solid contact with it, it’ll go for a mile. My driving average is 245 yards and last week I was cranking this bad boy 280-300 yards. The increased yardage, I believe, is the product of the lighter club weighting and the lower loft on the club.

Here’s a video featuring Rob Waters, Cleveland Golf’s director of tour operations, discussing his notes on PGA Tour player Kent Jones and the crazy improvement he’s noticed with his drives.

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Stay tuned for the full comprehensive reviews on these clubs!

****UPDATE – FULL REVIEW IS UP AND CAN BE VIEWED HERE -> Cleveland Launcher DST Driver – Review

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