Cleveland CG15 Wedges – First Glance

Updated – the full review is now posted up, see Cleveland CG15 Wedges Review

Cleveland CG15 wedges are the latest product in the Cleveland Golf Wedges line. They became available for purchase back in November 2009 and are available in three finishes; black pearl, chrome, and oil quenched.

The Cleveland CG15 wedges are a traditional players shaped wedge designed with a precision laser milled face texture to maximize surface roughness and spin. Coupled with the Zip Grooves the CG15 has the best and most effective spin technology ever developed by Cleveland Golf.

The Oil Quenched finish comes in two flavors, traditional and a DSG version.

The Cleveland CG15™ DSG OIL QUENCH wedges are similar to the traditional wedges regarding address shape and laser milled face, but in addition to these, the CG15 DSG incorporates a Dynamic Sole Grind on the back portion of the sole. The material reduction on the back of the sole allows players to open up the face with a lower leading edge to allow for better contact on open faced shots.

The laser milled face is created by using the precision accuracy of a laser to mill four perfectly calibrated texture lines between each groove exactly to the conforming roughness limit. This breakthrough surface roughness application optimizes ball-to-face friction and maximizes spin under the Rules of Golf.

The Cleveland CG15 Zip Grooves are a breakthrough in milling technology that creates 25% bigger grooves with pristine edges. They increase “ZIP” and shot consistency, especially from poor lies. Not really sure what ZIP is though…

All the wedges aside from the DSG, feature the CG 15 S Sole which has a wider sole width near the heel, narrow sole width near the toe. This improves bunker performance without sacrificing versatility.

I thought this was a pretty neat feature, each CG15 Wedge can be personalized by having your name or some inscription added to the hosel. You can also add a custom logo that is added using a high resolution laser marking system that etches crisp looking logos in two colors, silver and gold.

Cleveland CG15 Wedges come in a variety of loft, bounce and lie combinations, which are easily identifiable by the dots on the club. See below..

I received a two dot 52 and a two dot 56 in the mail to review and I’ve hit them on the range already and I’m planning a golf filled weekend to take them for a test drive on the course.

My initial impression of the clubs is a positive one, presently I’m wielding the Eidolon wedges and I’ve been very pleased with them, but I’m thinking that the CG15’s have decent chance at unseating them.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the laser milled face on the Cleveland CG15 wedges gets scratched up very easily. I had hit only a handful of range balls and there was already some scuffs on the club face. Now, for me, that’s no big deal, it’s bound to happen sooner or later, so might as well get it out of the way early so you can stop worrying about it.

Stay tuned for a full review and also check out the first looks at the Cleveland Golf Launcher DST Driver and Cleveland Golf Launcher DST Fairway Wood. Also check out my TaylorMade Burner Irons Review.

  4 comments for “Cleveland CG15 Wedges – First Glance

  1. at

    Love the Cleveland Wedges. Picked up a CG14 60 degree last year and love it. In the need of a new 56. I have the old Cleveland copper one (forget exact model). not sure if i’m going Cleveland or Scratch yet

  2. Ron

    What degree wedge should a senior select as a pitching wedge ?

  3. Patrick

    Are these CG15 conforming to the new rules for grooves?

  4. at

    Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for your question. Yes, these are conforming.

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