TaylorMade Burner Irons – 2010 Golf Digest Hot List

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Last month the 2010 Golf Digest Hot List was released and not at all surprising the 2009 TaylorMade Burner Irons took home a gold rating.

TECH TALK: Dropping overall club weight to increase swing speed was the design goal with this iron. To achieve that, TaylorMade employed lightweight (yet longer) shafts and grips. Progressive-thickness faces (thinner in the long irons, thicker in short irons) provide more springlike effect on longer shots.

(L) “The pure feeling channels through the grip to your hands and on up into your arms and elbows. This one exudes power.”
(M) “More fun than recess at school. These are ridiculously long.”
(M) “I wouldn’t be afraid to call these clubs ‘honey’ because they are so sweet. If I missed the sweet spot, I couldn’t tell.”

HOT: The real highlight of this club is the sole, which is beveled in the back to give it the workability of a much thinner design. Also, the recessed heel and toe areas will help prevent less-skilled players from laying the sod over the ball.
NOT: The lack of a hybrid doesn’t help hackers. For a company that was at the forefront of the movement, that’s totally mystifying.

I’ve been playing the TaylorMade Burner Irons for about six months now and I’ve been very satisfied with their performance.

Regarding the 2010 Golf Digest Hot List, I’ve read a few different sources who like to kick dirt on it and accuse it of favoring certain manufacturers based on their affiliation with the publication. This may or may not be true, but speaking from my own experiences, the Golf Digest Hot List has been pretty accurate with it’s recommendations.

If you’re in the market for some new golf clubs, I think checking out the Golf Digest Hot List would be a great place to start, it’ll help narrow down the selections. This year they began with 403 and narrowed it down to 94 golf products that they assigned either a gold or silver rating to.

The 2010 Golf Digest Hot List panel consists of 32 judges from various backgrounds and handicaps who give their unbiased opinion of the products they’re testing.

I wouldn’t recommend basing your purchasing decision solely on the Hot List, but get a couple of recommendations from the site and then follow up that up with some online reviews of the products and finally, head to your local golf retailer and knock em around and see what feels best for you.

What’s your opinion on the Golf Digest Hot List? Do you go there for club recommendations?

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    I always read the hot list, but I chose my clubs by trying out a demo or going to a demo day. And these Burner Irons are awesome. I love them and may even buy a back up set to get me through 2024 (or however long I am allowed to play clubs with square grooves).

    So, yes, I agree. Read the Hot List. Find a Demo day. Go try the clubs and find what works for you!

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