Tour Striker Review – Training you to hit like a pro

The Tour Striker Pro 7 iron is a golf training aid designed to get you striking the ball like a tour professional. I ran into these guys at the PGA Merchandise show and picked up the Tour Striker Pro 7 iron to review.

From the company:

The Tour Striker Pro 7 Iron is geared for golfers that want to take their game and ball striking to the next level. If you are dedicated to practice and have a higher swing speed with the driver (over 90 mph with a driver) the Tour Striker Pro 7 Iron is for you.

The Tour Striker Pro 7 Iron has a smaller sweet spot making it more challenging to make solid contact with the ball. No matter your swing style or shape, the Tour Striker Pro 7 Iron will help you develop your impact position into one that closely resembles a Tour players.

Using the Tour Striker Pro 7 Iron will improve your ball striking, add lag and club head speed to your swing, resulting in more solid golf shots and increased distance.

The Tour Striker Pro 7 Iron has been designed to intuitively teach golfers the correct way to deliver the “sweet spot” of the golf club to the ball, just like the pros.

Practice with the Tour Striker Pro 7 Iron will quickly change a golfer’s understanding of ball striking and will teach them the art of “hitting down on the ball” to deliver the golf club to impact with a descending motion, while leaning the golf shaft forward at impact.

The Tour Striker Pro 7 Iron training club is cast of 433 stainless steel and comes with a light weight stiff flex steel shaft.


  • Elevated leading edge
  • Stores more energy
  • Trains you to get your hands ahead of the ball
  • Trains you to compress the golf ball to get it up in the air
  • Teaches leaning the shaft towards the target


I’ve been using the product for a few weeks now, I throw it in the back whenever I’m heading to the range or for pre-round warm up. When you first start hitting with it, it’ll be a frustrating and slightly embarrassing experience. Your first couple shots will most likely be bad and you’ll get those wary glances from the guys next to you on the range. But after a little while, you’ll start to get the hang of it and start hitting some sweet shots.

Like all training aids, you’ll get out of the Tour Striker what you put into it. I haven’t noticed a huge change in my ball striking yet, but there has been some improvement and the Tour Striker has trained me to constantly think about hitting down on the ball.

I’m 100% confident that it’ll have a positive impact on your game IF you can devote the time necessary to reap the benefit of the Tour Striker.

The Tour Striker is available in six different models for both left and right handed players. If you’re interested in purchasing one, follow the link to the Tour Striker Store or click on the affiliate banner below.


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