2009 TaylorMade Burner Irons Review

After playing  another round with the 2009 Taylor Made Burner Irons, I can say with little or no hesitation that these irons are well worth the investment.

To give a little background for those who might have missed it, back in early July, I went out to the TaylorMade Performance Lab over at Grand Cypress for a custom golf club fitting.

You can read about it here -> TaylorMade Performance Lab at Grand Cypress.

To quickly summarize the experience, let me tell you that I’ve become a proponent of custom club fitting and I think there’s a value to be found for golfers of all skill levels and experience.

Out of that custom fitting, I took the recommendations and ordered my first set of custom clubs. They’re -.5 degree flat TaylorMade Burner Irons 4I-PW.

The clubs are bit longer than most irons on the market today. It’s taking me a bit of time to adjust to these, my old sticks were about 1/2 inch shorter than most irons on the market (yet another reason to get fitted. I’m 6 foot, which is a slightly over-average height, so had I known, I’d of never purchased shorter than average clubs. Combine these two facts, we’re talking almost an inch difference between the old sticks and new.

TaylorMade Burner irons were designed with greater forgiveness and longer distances in mind. A cool fact about these clubs, the long, middle and short-irons were all designed separate and independent of one another by TaylorMade’s iron-creation team.

With greater forgiveness and longer distance in mind, they thinned the club face down as much as possible to make it more flexible and faster for a higher COR.

In case you were wondering, COR stands for the “coefficient of restitution” and is calculated by:

COR = ball speed after contact – club speed after contact ÷ club speed before contact

Or in simple english, how efficiently a ball bounces off the club face. A higher COR results in longer shots.

The TaylorMade Burner Irons feature Inverted Cone Technology. This technology was originally developed to expand the COR zone of TaylorMade drivers. The Inverted Cone was drilled directly in the back side of the club face resulting in drastic variations of face thickness. The end result of the Inverted Cone was more distance resulting from mishits.

The club head is increased in sized by expanding the perimeter which increases the moment-of-inertia to a higher level than any previous TaylorMade iron. A higher MOI gives the club head more resistance against rotating when it makes contact with the golf ball… or ground.. 🙂

The offset of the sole was increased a bit in order to make it easier to square the club face during impact. Also, the width of the sole was increased to lower the center of gravity of the club face.

A new technology, labeled  SuperFast Technology was created and incorporated into the new TaylorMade Burner 2009 Irons. SuperFast Technology incorporates a higher coefficient of restitution(COR), higher moment-of-inertia(MOI), and progressive(longer, lighter) shaft-length, progressive(lighter) grips, and larger, more forgiving club faces. Combine all this and the end result is greater ball speed and forgiveness as you progress through the round.

TaylorMade Burner Irons are available in full sets that include 3-iron through Pitching Wedge. You can also purchase an additional sand wedge and lob wedge to complete your set.

Ready to purchase? Save 20% on 2009 TaylorMade Burner Irons from TaylorMade Golf Preowned.

I am very pleased with my new TaylorMade Burner Irons and if you’re in the market for some new clubs, I strongly encourage you to give them a shot.

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  21 comments for “2009 TaylorMade Burner Irons Review

  1. Hans

    I agree, these irons are great!
    I started playing golf 2 years ago and have been playing with an old Tommy Armour silver scot set (845cb) probably about +20 yrs old or so, that I have borrowed from my brother in law! I had promised myself a little “gift” once I got under hcp20, and a couple of weeks ago it happened. After trying several different Irons on the range and the course I decided to go for the Burner Irons.No regrets, I am even playing with the 4-iron, on the old set I was somewhat reluctant to even use the 5-iron! They are easy to hit, give good distance and they are, when used correctly, pretty accurate!

  2. Bryan

    Purchased a new set of the 2009 taylor made burner irons about a month ago and to me was quite a big investment and is the most I have ever paid for a set of irons. Hit them well in the golf shop but the set I have bought has a totally different feel to them. What I mean is the grips feel smaller!
    I like the feel of these clubs over all the others I looked at. I have been playing a set of golf smith clubs for the last 10 years and before that I had Tommy Armor 845. I have been playing for 20 years now my iron play has always been the strong point of my game. The golf pro at my local golf course suggested that I purchase a new set of any brand for technology purposes and my set was getting very old. The problem I am having is that I have lost accuracy and hit most of my shots left with my new Burner irons. However I like the distance these clubs have given me but I am longing for my straight ball flight. What’s up with the left ball flight?

  3. at

    The TaylorMade Burner Irons are a little longer than most of the irons on the market today. Considering that and the fact that you were playing a set that was 10 years old and the fact that over time irons have become longer than they used to be, I’d guess that you havent adjusted your distance from the ball to compensate for the longer clubs. Assuming you’re a right-handed golfer, it sounds like you are making contact with the ball more towards the heel of the club causing them to go left. I’d try standing 1/2-1 inch more away from the ball. Hope this helps!

  4. Deepak Khanna

    Awesome is what I’d say about the New Burner ’09 irons.. one lucky guy me.. got them as a gift from my wife on our 10th anniversary… simply amazin’..love the ball control & the distance I’m getting from them.. infact went ahead & picked up their lob wedge & even the Rossa Daytona putter.. no matter what one says. the set one uses definitely helps a person improve his game..way 2 go Taylormade..u guys have made me ur fan for life..swtiched over a Callaway guy to your side.

  5. Kevin

    love the clubs…However, I am pushing the ball to the right (right-handed golfer). I generaly play a draw with my old Titleist 695 irons. Since switching to the 09 Burners I can’t get ride of the push (unless I over swing inside out. Any help would be great.

  6. at

    I am a TaylorMade staff professional and fitter. The reason you are hitting the ball tothe left is because these irons are nearly 2 degrees more upright on the lie angles of a newer club and nearly 3 degrees on the older clubs you had. Go to a reputable club fitter and have the lie angle checked. I will be willing to bwt htat these irons are to upright for you which in turn will cause the ball to go left everytime you hit it. Hope this helps.

  7. at

    Can these ’09 burner irons lie be adjusted to 2 degrees flat? I am 5’4″ (12 hdcp) and having trouble with the upright lie. I heard that these clubs have a tendency to crack. Please help.

  8. at

    Hey Carlton, thanks for the comment! To answer your question, yes, you can adjust them two degrees flat and I’ve not heard anything about them cracking.. I’ve logged about thirty rounds so far with them and no sign of cracking or other abnormalities

  9. John

    I dropped into a golf shop and was looking around. When I was approached, I mentioned that I have been using a older set of Taylormade RAC OS irons with graphite reg shafts. I had them re-gripped with Winn grips. I liked them ok, but I wasn’t even sure if I SHOULD be using graphite or steel shafts. I had rented a set of R7 steel stiff clubs in Kauai and had a great time. He had me hit some balls with a Mizuno club with a computer “attachment” on the shaft. I swung 3 times and he declared I should use a stiff steel shaft. I then hit some burners. He used tape and determined that I was was hitting with the tow up, so he added a 2 deg. upright head and 1/2″ longer shaft. I’m 6’3″, 270lbs, 60year old right hander with a 98mph driver head speed (measured a couple of years ago…). They seemed good and I liked the fact that I’d save $200 bucks with steel over graphite. I did seem to hit many of them to the right side; kind of a push. I was thinking of going to their next demo day (4/17) and trying again. That day, there is no sales tax, so I am ready to buy…I think. Any thoughts?

  10. at

    I am interested in buying a set of TaylorMade Burner irons. However, I would like to know the brand
    and type of steel shaft that are used in these irons. I like the Royal Project X flighted irons and would
    like to know if the standard irons in the TM burner are comperable to the shafts mentioned above.. Also, I am 6’4″ tall and I normally extend my irons 3/4″ longer than standard. I would like to know much longer than standard I would need if any. Thank you in advance for your response.


  11. Buzz King

    I have a new set of 2010 Burner irons. 85 gram shafts. There is a label on the &iron which shows three small rectangles in a line. The rectangle closest to the head (furthest to the right with the handle on the left and the head on the right) is yellow. The other two are white. Does anyone know what this is intended to discribe? Are the shafts upright, are the heads closed? I have no idea.

  12. at

    Hi Buzz, here’s what I got on that label.. “This is the SKU label that TaylorMade uses to scan the clubs when they come off the assembly line for inventory purposes. It has nothing to do with specification of golf club. It is just the way the labels are. “

  13. Hal

    Just played my first round with new Burner set of irons, Find that they are going higher than my old set, any reason for this? Plus with shorter irons not as long as old clubs, WHY? Thanks

  14. Todd A.

    I’m interested in a new set of 09 burner irons that i found. They have a good price also, can you buy clubs then take them and get them fitted or do you have get fitted then buy them?

  15. at

    Hi Todd,

    Thanks for your question. I forwarded your email on to Travis our club fitting expert and posted his response on our “Ask the Fitter” FaceBook Fan Page. See below..

    Ask The Fitter

    If you decide a fitting is the way to go, mention Orlando Golf Blogger and receive $100 off your TaylorMade Performance Lab custom club fitting.

  16. Shishir

    Hey Hal,

    They single best thing about the burner is that the distances are consistent. U might hit short with the shorter irons but you will always hit the same distance. I am sure u know what an advantage this can be when u are aiming to hit pin high!

  17. adam

    The taylormade burner 2009 irons really suited my game. im 13 and im off 3. The ball flight is really consistent aswell as the distance, they are also very forgiving. i enjoy them and really recommend them to anyone else.

  18. at

    Having played Ping irons for 40 years, I was surprised at how great these irons are. Mine are 1/2″ longer with KBS stiff shafts. I believe that the lofts are a few degrees lower than normal. That helps explain why they’re about a club longer but the head design also makes them very forgiving. I’m 63 and see no reason to think I’ll ever need a different set.

  19. Ferris Pinniger

    I am an older golfer with a low swing speed and am using Burner Plus irons. Could you please tell me the differences between Burners and Burner Plus. I find I can hit straighter shots but not always in the right direction. My previous clubs were a mishmash of clubs (all good but not together). Thank you for any advice….

  20. robert mcguinness

    bought full set of taylormade burners 09’s with my dads inheritance in January 2010 as thats what he wanted. in june 2012 the head flew off my 4 iron & then this month august the head flew off my 5 iron. i am a 6 handicapper & know how to swing a club so they have not been abused in any way. very disappointed in quality as i didn’t expect them to have a shelf life of 30 months of which they have only been played 12 months & extremely disappointed in taylormade customer service as warranty ran out after 2 years they’re not interested. never buying taylormade again.

  21. Rodney J McMillen

    What does the A and P mean on the wedges.

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