Battle of the Golf Blogs 2011 Recap & Movie

As a quick recap, Battle of the Golf Blogs is an annual golf tournament between golf bloggers currently in it’s third year. It takes place the weekend after the PGA Merchandise Show at one of the local Orlando Golf Courses.

The last two years it has taken place at one of Orlando’s best golf courses, Falcon’s Fire. The first year it took place at Disney’s Magnolia.

The 2011 Battle of the Golf Blogs originally had nine participants, but four had to cancel due to one reason or another (to be interpreted, shakin` in their golf shoes.. 🙂 ).

One of the tournaments first participants, Mr. Tony Korologos from had to withdraw from playing in this years event due to a nasty encounter with a patch of ice, whilst on ski’s in a parking lot.. 🙂

That left three golf bloggers, John Duval from, Rob Hayashida from sandbox8 and yours truly. We also had the honor of playing with the only New Zealander I’ve ever liked, Lindsay Dolamore (haha, I kid.. I kid..).

We played a pretty interesting format, pairs, swapping every six holes with Rob and I getting a stroke a hole on John and Lindsay. The blogger with the most checks in the win column at the end, took home the title.

Match One: John and Lindsay -vs- Dave and Rob.
Results: John +1, Dave & Rob 0

We managed to hold on for the first two holes, but we were just too outmatched (single digits vs double digits) and those fellas slaughtered us.

Match Two: Dave and Lindsay -vs- John and Rob
Results: John +1, Dave +1 , Rob 0

Lindsay was en fuego and couldn’t be stopped.. I must admit that I played a fantastic ninth hole and carried the pair.

Match Three: Dave and John -vs- Lindsay and Rob
Results: John +2, Dave +2, Rob 0

John and I together managed to topple the titanic team that was Rob and Lindsay and with two holes remaining, we closed them out.

With John and I being tied, we took advantage of the final two holes for a playoff to determine winner of the 2011 Battle of the Golf Blogs.

Rather than tell you about it, check out the video below to see how it ended!

Many many many thanks to Tony for putting the video together and to Falcon’s Fire for graciously hosting us again, stay tuned for more info on the course.

UPDATE: Check out the 2011 Battle of the Golf Blogs WITB

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