2012 Battle of the Golf Blogs – Reunion Resort

It’s that time of year again!! And no I’m not talking about the PGA Merchandise Show, although, that’s going to be pretty awesome. It’s the (cue dramatic yet enthusiastic theme song)

2012 Battle of the Golf Blogs!!!!!

This is an annual event where the worlds best golf bloggers come together for an all out cage match, adrenaline pumping battle royal on the golf course. And as everyone’s favorite Scotsman is known to say, “There can be only one!”

The event is now in it’s fourth year and the location has changed from the ferocious Falcon’s Fire to the Righteous Reunion Resort.

This year’s contestants.

Yours truly, Dave “Double Bogey” Lair – 2011 BOGB Co-Champion, Current Lefty-Challenge title holder and all around crummy golfer. Dave’s current claim to fame is playing golf for an audience of four… dogs that is. Double digit handicapper, he’s an either ya got it or ya don’t style golfer who can sling the golf-scuses with the best of em..

Tony “Parking Lot Skier” Korologos – Writer of Hookedongolfblog.com, Tony is a former BOGB Champion and last years videographer, commentator, twittergrapher and sound guy. Due to an incident last year with some unruly ice, Tony had to bow out of last years slugfest, but seems to be in primo form for 2012.

Rob “More Rust Than a ’73 Ford Pinto” Hayashida – Writer of SandBox8.com, Rob is hungry to dish out some beat-down pie with a side of butt-whoopin’. Although Rob claims he’s out of practice, sources have reported that he’s been working with swing coach Hank Haney and is more than ready to unleash the fury on his fellow combatants.

John “He Actually Made It!” Duval – Writer of IntoTheGrain.com, 2011 BOGB Co-Champion and arch nemesis to Dave Lair. John suffered a painful defeat during last year’s Lefty Challenge and has been publically stating that he is more than ready to reclaim the title.

This year, Battle of the Golf Blogs is being hosted at Reunion Resort’s Nicklaus Course, 7,244 yard of pure madness. The format is going to be stableford with handicaps and we’ve welcomed quite a few sponsors to the event. Srixon Golf will be providing Z-Star and Q-Star Golf Balls, LoudMouth Golf will be providing the battle leggings, Kentwool is supplying some performance socks, Asher Golf is fitting everyone with some gauntlets, Frogger Golf is supplying brush-pro tools and towels to wipe the blood, sweat and tears from our brows and finally Champ Flytees to mount our flying projectiles.

Here’s a video of last years action to whet your appetite..

We’ll be providing up to the minute coverage of the event via twitter and facebook, so stay tuned for an awesome event!

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  1. at

    I just found your blog while researching for my favorite Reunion Resort golf course.
    I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to find bloggers competing together in such a humorous was and having fun at the same time as competitors both on and off the course!

    Thanks for making me laugh!

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