Taylormade Burner Superfast 2.0 Driver Review


There is a wise quote in the American military that says, “Talent is hitting a target no one else can hit; genius is hitting a target no one else can see”. Just like in the military where the weapon greatly determines the accuracy and power you can generate, in golf too, a lot depends on the club or driver being used. Being able to hit the target requires a considerable amount of calculation, precision, balance, and power. Not all drivers can deliver all of these and where a particular club delivers on power, it will compromise on stability and vice versa. Therefore, choosing the appropriate golf driver for the game is as crucial as choosing the right weapon for a war. This is especially true in the case of international tours.

Technical Specifications

TaylorMade knows its products well, delivering smarter and more innovative products to ardent golf enthusiasts. The Superfast series of drivers have set the bar pretty high with the highly refined SuperFast technology being the spearheading factor in its drive to innovation. A lighter driver also means faster swing speed and a greater distance traveled. In all, the following are the key features of the TaylorMade Burner Superfast 2.0 that this review will focus on:

Build-Quality and Aerodynamics – TaylorMade seems to have tried its level best to ensure that the Superfast 2.0 recorded the lowest possible weight. It has been dubbed the featherweight champion by independent reviews, which is understandable, with a weight of 279 grams. This makes the Superfast 2.0 driver the lightest in the series. Also, the longer driver shaft works well with the light weight to generate a faster swing speed giving more power to the drive. TaylorMade has also worked well on the aerodynamics of the Superfast 2.0 with a streamlined club head and shaft to ensure greater resistance and lower drag.

The Club Head – The club head is deliberately designed to be big and deep to provide a higher launching angle and lower revolutions on the ball. The head helps the ball greatly in its carry and working in collaboration with the other dynamics of the Superfast 2.0 driver, it ensures greater stability, higher power, and greater distance traveled.

Head Shape – TaylorMade has also done a lot of research on the club head of the Superfast series and this is evident in the Inverted Cone face technology that it has developed. This face of the club head has been designed such that the chance of missing the sweet spot will be a rarity.

Other Features – The crown of the Superfast 2.0 is coated with white non-glare paint and black clubface, which has been carried through to it’s successor, the TaylorMade R11 Driver.

Some Benefits of Using This Driver

The Superfast 2.0 series has been carefully designed by Taylormade to offer greater distance with lesser input of power. It does well in meeting its objective while at the same time offering the golf enthusiast greater stability, lower revolutions, and lower drag. It’s light weight also helps a great deal in generating a greater amount of power. Additionally, the head of the Superfast 2.0 is built to be light and this provides greater accuracy with a bigger sweet spot. The head also creates a higher launch angle, which some may not prefer.

So there is no denying that, among the many advantages the Superfast 2.0 Driver offers, greater distance is the most noticeable. The good length of the club, 46 and a half inches to be precise, offers good power on occasions the ball does not meet the sweet spot of the club head. This makes it a popular choice for amateur golfing enthusiasts who have a higher tendency for off-center hits.

Final Word

The Superfast 2.0 is designed to deliver added power for greater distance traveled. It is a really good choice for higher handicaps looking for a more layman friendly driver. However, restricting the Superfast 2.0 to a specific class or user group is not justified given the added functionality and performance it offers. As with any club, it is recommended that you get your new weapon dialed in with a custom club fitting.

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  3 comments for “Taylormade Burner Superfast 2.0 Driver Review

  1. Joe Peterson

    Does anybody think that the sound of the Superfast sound like you hit a ball with an aluminum baseball bat? I have had a half dozen or so Taylormade Drivers and the Superfast does not have the same crisp sound as the other Taylormade Drivers I have used.

    I feel like I am getting the distance but sound is important to me because I am a feel player and want immediate feedback when I hit the ball. I wonder this because I wonder if I am missing it and dont know it. I started off hitting it higher and drawing it more than with my Tour Burner. Maybe it is the longer shaft or the kick point of the standard shaft vs my Aldila NV 65 on my Tour Burner.

  2. Robert

    I seem to hit the TM SP 2.0 pretty high and sometimes not as accurate with my other drivers and often hook/or draw the ball a lot. I’m curious if it could be the torque. I’ve been thinking of switching the shaft to a UST Mamiya Microlite MP5: 52 grams, 3.7 torque, stiff (vs the OEM Matrix 4.8 having 45 grams and torque of 4.5 stiff)

  3. kdh

    …….try some lead tape positioned on the sole to mute the sound.. and maybe some gear effect.. this has worked in the past for me.

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