Cleveland Launcher XL270 Ultralite Driver Review

The Launcher XL270 Driver one three new Ultralite drivers released by Cleveland Golf in 2011. They made their debut at the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show and have since been aiding the driver market in their own weight loss initiative.

The average driver weight is 315 grams and since they’ve been selling the Ultralite, they’ve been keeping track of the amount of weight savings from the sales of their drivers. The TL310 is 5 grams less than the average, SL290 is 25 grams less and the XL270 is 45 grams less. To date, Cleveland Golf has helped the industry lose 1,293,671 grams, that translates roughly into 2,852 pounds. 🙂

With the release of the new Launcher Ultralite Driver series also came their new custom fitting initiative called finding your right weight. Basically, your “right weight” is determined by what you’re looking to get out of the club. The Cleveland Launcher XL270 for example, is the lightest of the new drivers  giving you maximum club head speed resulting in the most distance.

For this review, I elected to go with the a 10.5 degree Cleveland Launcher XL270 because, hey, who doesn’t want ultimate distance from their “big dog” club?

From the Company:

The Launcher XL270 (Extra Light, 270 grams) is among the lightest drivers in golf beating last years Cleveland Launcher DST Driver by 22 grams. It’s powered by the lightest shaft ever played on the PGA tour, the Miyazaki C. Kua 39 series. This means it’s engineered for maximum head speed, but it’s traditionally-weighted 460cc club head also provides amazing forgiveness.

The 270 is also available in a Draw version, with heel biased weighting and a slightly closed face for slice reduction. Players who have tested either version of the XL270 have experienced a real “Wow factor” due to the effortless distance achieved.


The Cleveland Launcher Ultralite Series consists of 3 weights; 310g, 290g, and 270g and each model engineered for unique performance and feel.

The Right Weight fitting system finds the right driver for every player, maximizing distance gains and overall playability.


Weight has been removed from the club without sacrificing swing weight or flex profile. These are lighter and longer golf clubs that produce faster head speed for more ball speed and greater distance. The Right Weight engineering enables the swing weight to fall within the proper traditional range to ensure that the club has a consistent feel and helps to maintain tempo and stability. Also ensures that the club has forgiveness and energy transfer at impact, which promotes ball speed and forgiveness.


Each model driver is paired with an authentic, ultra-premium Miyazaki C. Kua shaft that delivers tour-proven flex profiles in an ultralite package. Engineered for proper bending and torsional profiles ensures that the shaft delivers the head in a consistent and stable orientation.

The Cleveland XL270 Driver has the Miyazaki 39 Series, which is the lightest shaft ever played on the PGA Tour. The shaft length is 46.25″, which is about an inch longer than the market average. Combined with a 192 gram head and a 26 gram Winn Lite grip, you can gain as much as three mph more on your club head speed.

It’s available in 9.0, 10.5 and 12.0 lofts.


Currently in my bag, I’m playing the TaylorMade R11 Driver and there’s definitely a significant weight difference between the two clubs. I tried alternating between the clubs on one of the review rounds just to get a better idea on the ball flight characteristics of the two, but it was messing my game up going from heavy to light and back.

The longer shaft in the Launcher XL270 takes a little getting used to, initially, I was pulling many of my drives because I was standing too close to the ball. It has a solid feel to it and doesn’t have one of those clunky hollow sounds at impact, it’s more of a deep tink sound. The solid black finish on the crown gives the club a nice classic look and there’s no outrageous designs on the top of the club head that can distract you at the wrong instant.

You’ll experience a medium penetrating ball flight from the club, which on most fairways will result in a few extra yards on the roll.

I have not noticed any significant distance gain by playing the Cleveland Launcher XL270, which, was a bit surprising, given all the hype about the ultralite club. I have hit a few bombers with it, don’t get me wrong, but on average, it wasn’t consistently longer.

One thing you have to watch for with this club is the tendency to lose control of your drives. It’s so light that subconsciously you’ll start swinging harder and harder, which for me at least, brings out the old banana beast. The positive side of this is for those who are trying to slow down their swing speeds to get it more under control, you can do so with this club and still retain most of your original distance since it takes less force to generate the club head speed you currently wield.

The CLEVELAND XL 270 Driver retails for $299.99 and is available in most golf retailers.

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