Kikkor Golf Shoes – Black Glacier Tenny is all the rage

Kikkor Golf, started by 25 year old professional golfer James Lepp,  is the new hip, trendy, cool golf shoe company on the block. Officially launched in April 2010, Kikkor Golf is targeting players who are still young at heart and have a desire to express themselves through their individual styles on the golf course.

The golf shoes are built with style and comfort in mind without neglecting the important attributes that make up a good golf shoe, such as grip, stability and durability. I had a chance to meet these fellas at the 2011 PGA Merchandise show and in terms of booths, they’re definitely in my top ten.

The idea for the company first began to take root in 2006 when founder James Lepp turned pro and was unable to find golf shoes to fit his style. Two years later, still wearing the same old boring golf shoes, he began discussing this lack of variety with some friends and through the discussions, the idea for Kikkor Golf was born.

According to the website, below are some of the reasons why:

1. It doesn’t matter what age you are, 10, 25, or 45, nobody truly wants to wear the same stuff as their dad.

2. The golf shoe industry consistently designs shoes that are targeted only for the older demographic, leaving younger players with very few options that match their personal style.

3. Do we really have to wear dress shoes on the golf course?

4. The need for really comfortable golf shoes.

Now, officially “open for business” for the second year, Kikkor is taking the golf shoe scene by storm.

I received a pair of the Black Glacier Tenny to review and after logging a couple rounds in them, I’ve got to say that they make good on their promise of really comfortable golf shoes that don’t impair performance on the course.

The Black Glacier Tenny in my opinion, is a good blend of traditional and trendy. It’s a youthful trendy shoe that’s very comfortable, without being over the top flashy.

Pretty much the perfect shoe for me.

The Black Glacier Tenny comes equipped with the Kikkor Diacon Embedded Spike System (DESS), for ample traction. These spikes are embedded into the shoe and eliminate the need to have change your shoes once you arrive or depart the golf course.

I wore these for the first time to a three hour custom club fitting where I tuned up my new TaylorMade R11 Driver and immediately after, played 18 holes of golf and closed out the evening grabbing a bite to eat at the Tilted Kilt. The entire time I was wearing the Kikkor Black Tenny golf shoes and much to my surprise, my “dogs weren’t barking” by the time I got home. In case you were wondering, I handed out a pretty good butt whooping to my playing partner who shall remain unnamed..

Gotta be the shoes?? .. maybe.

Additional features of the Kikkor Black Tenny Golf Shoes:

  • Minimal sole and midsole thickness to get player closer to turf
  • Kikkor Komfort Foam Technology
  • Durable rubber cupsole
  • Lightweight Phylon midsole
  • Polyurethane insole for nearly illegal levels of comfort
  • Premium water-resistant suede leather

Overall I think they’re great golf shoes that live up to their expectations and IF the spikes ever wear down, you’ll still have a pretty cool pair of shoes to kikk ( 🙂 ) around in. In addition to the Tenny’s the 2011 line also includes, Dress sneakers, Retro, Eppik and Circle 3 for the more adventurous golfers. My one complaint is that I feel like my wardrobe isn’t cool enough to go with the shoes…

For your peace of mind, they offer free shipping BOTH ways and if you’re interested in picking up a pair, use promo code Orlando Golf Blogger and save 10% on your order.

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    These shoes are especially made for golf player. It has a comfortable cover that your feet would love to wear. In sports like golf, you ned a shoes that is exactly suitable for your type.

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