Big Break Sandals Resort – Week 10 Season Finale

Big Break Sandals Resort week 10 is entitled ”El Ultimo Baile,” which translates to “The Last Dance.”

This is it! The final episode of Big Break Sandals Resort! The duel to the death (well, not really) between Carling “Crusher” Coffing and Lili “Annihilator” Alvarez!!!

If you’ve missed any of the previous episodes, check out the Big Break Sandals Resort episodes recap.

The episode starts out with the two remaining contestants taking in a beautiful sunrise before eating an uncomfortable breakfast. Paul, the butler/wise-man in disguise, comes in, this week not offering an envelope, but some inspirational words, “Let the competition be fierce, let it be competitive and do it from the heart.”

The final challenge

The final challenge of Big Break Sandals Resort is (as many of you suspected) 18 holes of match play. Since a full match would take well over four hours of video to record every shot, they speed things up and give us clips from each hole, which.. makes it a bit difficult to recap.. 🙂

1st hole – all square
2nd hole – Lili 1up
3rd hole – Lili 1up
4th hole – all square
5th hole – all square
6th hole – all square
7th hole
– Carling 1up
8th hole – Carling 1up
9th hole – all square

Up to this point, we’ve not seen particularly good “championship” play from either Carling or Lili and Carling said it best “it was embarrassing, it’s like all of the sudden we’re playing like 25 handicaps..” Which, I take offense to! 🙂 I suspect, however, it’s due mostly to a little creative control on the part of the producers, instead of lack of skill from the final two of Big Break Sandals Resort.

10th hole – all square
11th hole – with two decent tee shots, Lili two putts and Carling flubs her pitch shot and leaves herself a long par putt, which she misses, resulting in Lili 1up.

12th hole – Lili had momentum going and Carling was reeling a bit, but a waterball from Lili helped calm her nerves. Lili recovered nicely however landing her 3rd shot within 10 feet. Carling has a long 50 foot birdie putt which she missed, leaving herself a relatively easy par putt. Lili missed her par putt, scoring a bogey. Carling, who’s putter has been on fire the entire round, shockingly missed her par putt, keeping Lili 1up.

13th hole – Two nice tee shots from each player, sets them both up for birdie putts, which Lili misses and Carling sinks, making it all square.

14th hole – Two drives in the fairway, two nice approach shots, both with birdie opportunities. Lili misses her birdie putt and Carling makes hers, setting Carling 1up.

15th hole – Carling hits a nice tee shot that ends up in the fairway and Lili, having a slight meltdown lands her drive in the hazard, which is a bunch of treacherous rocks that are near some treacherous water.. She takes the drop and recovers nicely, ending up on the green with a par putt. Carling ends up on the green with a birdie putt. Lili missed her par putt and Carling missed her birdie putt, leaving Carling 1up.

16th hole – Carling blocks her tee shot a bit landing in the right side rough and Lili knocks a sphincter-clencher that barely clears the rocks and ends up in the middle of the fairway. A ballzy shot to make on the final episode if Big Break Sandals Resorts, but I guess the ability to pull those off is what makes them do this for a living! 🙂 Carling’s next shot landed near the bunker and Lili’s was on the green. She misses her birdie putt, making par, putting some pressure on Carling, who misses her par putt for a bogey, making the match all square with two left to play.

17th hole – Two nice drives with Lili away, she hits a beautiful approach shot landing it nice and snug. Carling’s approach shot wasn’t nearly as pretty giving herself a tough 25 foot birdie putt. Putting a roll on it like only Carling can, she sinks the putt. Lili missed her birdie putt by inches.. leaving Carling 1up going into the 18th hole.

18th hole – Both tee shots landed in the fairway, and Carling’s second shot also landed in the sweet grass. Lili’s second shot, in a horrible stroke of luck, stops nestled up against a mini palm tree. She takes an unplayable lie drop. Carling 3rds shot lands on the fringe. Lili hits her 4th shot from 135 yards out and knocks it to twelve feet. Carling’s 4th shot is a 35 yard putt from the fringe that stops an inch from the hole, thus knocking Lili Alvarez out.

Carling Coffing is the Champion of Big Break Sandals Resort!

Man what an awesome episode! Mine was a house divided, I was rooting for Carling and my wife was rooting for Lili, which is completely understandable, Lili is an awesome competitor and an incredible good sport. I was impressed with the way Lili stoically took the loss, congratulating Carling and saying she deserved it.

I wish they had filmed the ending differently. The immediate cut from the winning putt to a bunch of cut footage of earlier episodes and players, than a rushed handing over of the trophy with no final words from the winner, was, in my opinion poorly planned and executed.

Ah well.. it was a great season! Over at, John posted up an interview with Carling Coffing discussing her experiences on the show. I’m sad that it’s over, but we don’t have to wait too long for the next season.

Your thoughts on the series?

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  2 comments for “Big Break Sandals Resort – Week 10 Season Finale

  1. ruthie

    I was hoping for Lili to win. She was much more gracious in all of her comments about other players.
    Whereas Carling was the ” ha-ha-ha I’m beating you” personality.
    Much too smug.
    Lili, on the other hand, was rooting for herself without beating down other players. A personality trait
    that I really admire. Wish Lili would have won.
    I’d like to have seen Carling’s face if she had come in 2nd. Not so gracious as LIli was, I bet ! !

  2. at

    I’ve got to disagree with you Ruthie, I agree that Lili was a great competitor and also gracious in her comments about the other players, but I don’t think Carling acted smug. She celebrated her good shots in her own way, the same as every other player out there. Her victory dances were no different than the customary fist pump or jump for joy that the other contestants would engage in after a good shot.

    I don’t recall ever seeing her behave poorly towards the other players. Really, the only player who I thought DID behave poorly was Sara Brown and her aggression was directed towards Carling.

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