TaylorMade Rossa Corza Ghost Putter – First Glance

UPDATE: Full Review is now live – TaylorMade Rossa Corza Ghost Putter Review

The TaylorMade Rossa Corza Ghost Putter is the newest weapon in the TaylorMade short stick arsenal and it’s sure to scare some strokes off your score…. (haha!! Get it??)

This is the putter that Justin Rose used last week to break his PGA Tour non-winning streak by clenching the first place spot in the Memorial tournament by three strokes.

During the post-round interviews on Sunday, he had this to say about the Rossa Corza Ghost Putter:

“It’s a bit of a pun, but I putted scary good with my new Ghost putter. I couldn’t resist that one.”

“I’ve got to be honest, putting is one part of my game where, you know, I’ve had some slight doubts. Today [Sunday] was fantastic because I felt like I putted my best under pressure. You know, once again, that’s something that I can really take or now dispatch out of my mind and really take positives going forward.”

It warms my heart to see another golfer who appreciates the subtleties  of the pun! But, I digress…

As you can see by the image above, TaylorMade was kind enough to send me a Rossa Corza Ghost Putter to review and write about, which I shall do in good time… It’s time for some bragging (sorry, but it’s an awesome story!). When I initially contacted TM about reviewing the putter, they said couldn’t send one because they didn’t have any lefty parts. But after some conversations and a lot of luck on my part, they went to the tour van and had me a lefty built. I confirmed it with the TaylorMade folks, I am the first non-professional golfer to possess a Left Handed Ghost putter.. Many thanks to TaylorMade for making this happen!

From the Company:

The Contrast of White Against Dark Makes Aiming Easier

“Corza Ghost’s white putterhead stands out so clearly against its background — the putting surface – because of the high contrast between white and green,” says Dr. Steven A. Hitzeman, a professor at the Indiana School of Optometry. “That high contrast maximizes stimulation to the retina and highlights the head’s shape and features. White creates the biggest difference in luminance, hence maximizing contrast and promoting focus.”

Also, the lines on the top of the putter are painted black to achieve maximum contrast against the white surface of the putter. All of these high-contrast alignment elements give the golfer the best possible chance of accurately aiming the putter.

To make it even easier to aim the Corza Ghost, Rossa engineers put three black alignment lines on the crown and a circular hole in the back of the putterhead, giving you different options to focus on to lock in your aim. “You can focus on the topline to aim Ghost,” said Bret Wahl, senior director of iron, wedge and putter development, “or you can focus on the alignment lines to visually connect the circular hole and your ball to lock in your aim. The point is that you’ve got options, each one highly effective.”

Eliminating Hot Spots

Hot Spots are reflections of direct sunlight from the top of the putter into the golfer’s eye, and distract the player’s attention from the task at hand, which is to focus on the putterhead, the alignment system, and aiming the putter squarely down the target-line.

The Corza Ghost’s white finish helps keep hot spots from standing out, allowing you to focus your attention on seeing the whole form of the putterhead and the alignment system, so you can aim without distraction.

Large, Solid-Feeling, High-MOI Mallet

Being a mallet, Corza Ghost’s high-MOI head is extremely stable on off-center hits and feels extremely solid at impact. Its three alignment lines on the crown function not only to help aim the face accurately, but also to frame the ball in the middle of the face, which promotes solid, center-face contact on every stroke.

AGSI®+ to Promote Better Roll

Corza Ghost also has the advantage of Rossa’s renowned and tour-proven AGSI®+ (Anti-skid Groove System Insert) Technology. AGSI+ features 14 polymer-filled grooves in the face that “hold” the ball briefly at impact to promote forwardspin for a smoother roll and more accurate results. The AGSI+ insert, in concert with the putterhead’s extremely high MOI, also delivers superior consistency in forward roll on off-center hits, something not shown in tests of other popular putters.

First Impressions:

I brought the TaylorMade Rossa Corza Ghost Putter out for the first time last Sunday with the hope of beating down Mr. John Duval writer of intothegrain.com. Although this didn’t happen, we can rule out bad putting as the cause..

Living up to the hype, this putter greatly improved my aiming and in my opinion it did it all at a subconscious level.. What I mean is that I never intentionally lined up the putter according to the aiming lines or the putter-hole (teehee) it just ended up locked on to the cup without much effort on my part.

This putter has a very soft touch and the ball bounces off the putterface and results in greater greater roll and distance for less effort. I didn’t spend any time on the practice green with the TaylorMade Rossa Corza Ghost putter so I kept flying them past the hole, which while frustrating, can’t be blamed on the putter. 🙂

I’ll be posting up a more comprehensive review in a few days, once I’ve had time to fully explore this spooky shortstick.

  4 comments for “TaylorMade Rossa Corza Ghost Putter – First Glance

  1. Bill Kesel


    I am eagerly awaiting your follow-up review.

  2. at

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the comment! I’ll be writing up the full review soon and I’ll be sure to shoot you an email once it’s up!

  3. at

    That is a pretty cool looking putter.

  4. Layth Saadi

    Just bought this putter, it is sush a great putter and has the best feeling when making contact with the ball.
    when testing it out, the ball wouldn’t stop going in and even when it looked like it was a bad shot, the even weight managed to make the ball creep closer to the hole.

    So long as you let the putter do all the work and allow the weight of the putter to help judge the distance of the shots, I can see it suiting everyone’s tastes.

    Bought for £129.99

    RRP roughtly £150

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