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Talk about a late Christmas present! 🙂 I get home from a hard days work to find my favorite thing waiting for me by the door, a long rectangular box. I’m sure some of you have had a similar experience; you see the box and immediately your pulse starts racing and you get that little flutter of excitement in your stomach.

I take the box in the house, calmly set it to the side and proceed with all my daily required fatherly & husbandly duties and finally when everyone’s settled in, I  focus my attention on the box. I’m a believer in delayed gratification and I didn’t want the experienced tarnished by constant interruptions, so I retired to the golf man cave and and put up the “do not disturb” sign.  🙂

The contents of the box –  two 2010 series Bettinardi Putters, a Bettinardi BB1 and the Bettinardi CC Series putter.

Initial impression – “awesome”

*UPDATE: Bettinardi BB1 Putter review is up, here’s the link.

Bettinardi BB1 Putter Review

Here’s some images of the two.

Needless to say, I’m very excited to head out to the course and give these bad boys a workout!

Stay tuned, a full review will be coming in a few days.. In the meantime, see below press release regarding the Bettinardi 2010 Line.


New Country Club Putter Series headlines newest offerings

Tinley Park, IL, December 1, 2009 – Bettinardi Golf, maker of the highest quality milled putters in the world, has unveiled its 2010 new putter lineup. Months after returning as a independent “boutique golf company” Bettinardi is introducing a new Country Club (CC) Series putter line in addition to its 2010 BB Series.

“We are eager to re-establish our brand presence and provide an authentic golf experience with unmatched products fully made in the U.S.A. and we’re equally committed to catering to the golfer and customer who wants the best of the best,” stated Bob Bettinardi.

The first-ever CC series model is a classic heel-toe designed putter finished in luxurious Satin Nickel that offers a customization component, an emblazoned, skillfully placed logo on the sole of the putter to showcase the pride and history of a club, association or school. In addition, any CC putter created for a Club recognized as a “Top 100” will receive special engraving and a “Top 100” headcover. Suggested retail 325.00

The 2010 BB Series includes five putter models, all plated with a luxurious Black Nickel finish that guarantee the highest level of durability. Each model in the series is milled with a single sightline to aid with alignment and has a three degree loft. Every BB putter has a pistol style grip and a patented Black Bettinardi Head cover. The BB putter series (suggested retail 275.00) includes:

§ BB1: A traditional heel-toe weighted design has a rounded shape punctuated with soft edges throughout. A perennial favorite for the professional and amateur golfer.

§ BB8: A sharper more sleek appearance with a neck that is milled in a heel basis position to promote additional toe hang. A popular model in many Tour players’ bags.

§ BB25: A modern blade style, the BB25 is a fresh take on a classic design with a slightly tapered body and a single flange further enhancing the 100% CNC milled flow neck.

§ BB26: This center shafted heel-toe weighted design incorporates elements from the BB1 but with a center shafted zero offset. The BB26 design is slightly thicker in appearance at address. A spud style neck provides a smooth transition from shaft to putter head.

§ BB32: A face balanced mallet, this modern design has a classic pear shaped profile at address. The unique flange achieves maximum perimeter weighting for optimum performance. Its spud neck has a double bend shaft. Available in left and right hand.

Bettinardi putters are sold in green grass only and selected club fitters.


ABOUT BETTINARDI GOLF: Bettinardi Golf is a privately owned Corporation. Known for the highest quality 100% CNC putters in the golf industry, Bettinardi Golf also has a golf accessory line that includes precision milled belt buckles under the same exacting standards as Bettinardi putters. Bettinardi is based in Tinley Park, IL. Visit

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