Little Linksters – Weeks Three & Four

I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for the next redition and I have to apoligize for missing a week.

For those that have no clue what I’m talking about, please refer to Little Linksters.  As a quick recap, Brendon Elliott is a local golf pro who runs a junior golf program called “Little Linksters.”  My little golf pro in the making is attending these lessons and is loving them!  Every Saturday, he has a lesson out at Lake Mary Prep.

So weeks three and four were dedicated to putting.

Week three, Brendon trained the kids on proper putting form and tempo.  They used real kid sized putters from (I believe) US Kids golf.  The method he used to teach putting, I’m calling the A-Bend-Tick-Tock.  Using the A stance the kids learned a during week two and bending at the hips, the kids are swinging to a tick-tock mantra where the back stroke was tick and the forward stroke was tock.

For the putting class, he brought out this totally awesome portable putting green that can be assembled in ten minutes..  Some guys have all the cool toys…

For the week four putting lesson, the class was indoors and the kids used the SNAG golf putters and putted at targets.

The kids seems to enjoy this more than the prevous lesson and and at the end of the lesson they even worked on chipping.  Utilizing the putting swing they learned, Brendon put the SNAG Launchers in their hands and off they went.  The biggest struggle was for the kids to remember the putting swing and not the full swing.

I’m pretty excited about next weeks lesson.  Brendon is setting up a SNAG Golf Course and the kids are going to have the opportunity to piece all their lessons together and play a round.  It’s really cool to see the excitement these kids have about playing golf, warms my golfer heart! 🙂


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    Great job Brendon and appreciate all you do for kids and others! Keep up the good work and sure the kids are learning lessons in ways they won’t soon forget!


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