Little Linksters – Week 2

Two Saturdays ago, OGB Junior had his second golf lesson out at Brendon Elliott‘s Little Linkster’s Junior Golf Acacemy.

I know, I know, I’m a little late in posting..  I’m going to have to ask you to cut me some slack as it was a busy week last week with the PGA Merchandise Show and a few rounds of golf…ahem….  🙂

For those of you who have been dwelling under a rock and aren’t familiar with this program, click Little Linksters to catch up! 🙂

Little Linksters Golf Academy

I was very pleased with how well the lessons went.

To the left you’ll notice a bunch of kids.  Don’t worry about the ones in the background, they’re not really important, check out that “awesome golfer in the making” in the foreground wearing that sweet lime green little linksters visor and hitting an amazing shot.  Look at that form, (whistles) man that kids got the gift…  Oh, did I mention that’s my son, Aiden?  Ah, hmm.. must’ve left that out 🙂

Eh, but I digress..

There are, in my opinion, three main factors that make this program a success.  Simplicity, kid-friendly equipment and fun.

The equipment the kids in the program are using are from a company called SNAG.  SNAG stands for “Starting New at Golf” and they’ve designed their product line to be the fun and easy way to learn and play golf anywhere!

I’ll be posting more on SNAG a little later, I had a great opportunity to speak with them out at the PGA Merchandise Show and suffice to say, I have become a SNAG convert who would gladly drink the koolaid.. 🙂

In terms of simplicity, Brendon has broken down the golf swing mechanics into terms kids can understand.  There’s basically a four part motion the kids need to follow in order to have a complete swing. (Many thanks to Brendon for these wonderful pictures of his daughter and heir to the golf pro fortune 🙂 )

The first part is the “A” stance.
Little Linksters A Stance

As you can see in the picture above, the stance is pretty self explanatory.  Envision your body as a capital A (make sure it a capital A and not a lowercase a, heh, I can only imagine how that stance would look 🙂 ) and set your feet about shoulder width apart.

The second part is the “Y” stance
Little Linksters Y Stance
Another easily identifiable visual for the kids to remember.  The “Y” consists of your two arms and the club.  I suppose you could call it a little y. depending on where the ball is in your stance, but, let’s not get too technical here.. 🙂  So, while maintaining A stance, using your two arms and your club, form a Y.

The third part and fourth part are the L stances.  There’s the forward L and the backwards L.

Little Linksters L StanceLittle Linksters L Stance
So, get into the A stance and with your club and arms, form the Y stance.  Once that’s done, bring the club back and with your club and arms, create the letter L.  Once this is achieved, swing the club and with the club and your arms, create a backwards L.

To help the kids understand the path the club should take, Brendon uses the SNAG launcher and puts the Golfer’s Footprint over the top of it (see below).

The Golfer's Footprint

The launchpad Tee fits in the middle of that yellow circle and the kids are instructed to follow the red line.

Pretty Simple, No?

The SNAG equipment lends to an early enjoyment of the game of golf because it’s pretty easy for the kids to hit.  The cool thing is that the clubs and the balls the kids use are the same weight as regular clubs, just distributed differently.  Ah, I seem to be getting ahead of myself…  The kids are hitting shots at big bullseyes almost like they were in a golf shooting gallery.  The balls are Velcro so they stick letting the kids know when they make a good “shot.”

Little Linksters Week 2

The other Aiden out at Little Linksters

Little Linksters

For all you kindred handers, found us another lefty to indoctrinate.
Lefty Little Linkster

So, this program is pretty awesome.  I can now watch with swelling pride whenever my son goes into a fit of golfers tourettes showing random strangers A, Y, L, L. 🙂



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  1. at

    Hey! This SNAG stuff looks awesome. I like the A,Y,L,L too. I’m going to have to remember that for when all the snow melts.

    By the way, I was about to cut you some slack for being late on this post but then you mentioned “rounds of golf”. Slack denied! (I’m so jealous 8=)

    I’m glad to see that at least your son has the decency to golf from the proper side of the ball.

  2. at

    I can certainly understand. It’s takes alot to keep up with a blog in these busy times.

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