My New Favorite Website

The website is called

It’s a myspace/facebook for Golf. Click on the link above to create an account.

You create an account for free and you gain access to a whole bunch of goodies. It has a handicap calculator that displays your handicap with and without ESC. You can record your golf rounds, they have a very comprehensive list of courses nationally as well as globally. If you don’t find the course you played in the list, you can add it.

The round tracker is cool, it offers you two ways to track your scores, first way, just log the course, the tees you played from and the score and it’ll calculate your handicap and post the score for everyone to view. The 2nd way is a bit more in depth and it tracks, FIR, GIR, putts, chips, drives, etc.. and displays a more detailed breakdown of your game and like I said, free!

I pulled the map of Falcon’s Fire from their site, check it out.

You can upload swing videos and it has a simple swing analysis tool that allows you to analyze your swing. Everything uploaded is public so other members can view the video and add their feedback. You can upload photos as well which people can rate.

I’ve uploaded a video of yours truly swinging his mighty SuMO BOOMSTICK., definitely need to check that out.

Yes, you might have to tilt your head to the left to fully appreciate the shot…. 🙂

Oh, in case you were wondering, yes, I am wearing Tattoo Golf!

You can search for other golfers in your area, post up blog entries, visit the forums and more.

When you create your profile, it asks a series of questions about the type of games you like to play (betting, competitive, etiquette, etc) and you can search by those same questions and partner up with players based on that criteria.

Create or join golf groups, meet new people, view others photos, videos, stats, equipment, handicap and style.

Here’s something that sets them apart from other sites doing similar things. It’s called The Stracka Line.

It’s a patented process designed to aid a golfer’s ability to read the complex breaks on a putting green. They use state of the art laser land surveying technology to scan the surface of the green for millions of data points accurate to the millimeter to pick up even the most subtle elevation changes.

The topography maps are then run through industry leading software used to determine the fall lines of how water would drain off the surface, which is then applied to how the ball will roll off the slops on a green.

So far they only have a handful of courses that offer this feature and regrettably none are Orlando Courses 🙁

I created a profile named OrlandoGolfBlogger (the names a bit unexpected, I know..) and an Orlando Golfers Group. So create yourself a profile and add me to your friends list!

I’m still working on organizing a golf outing/scramble for all who are interested, so let me know if you wish to be included in the list.

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