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I was reading Tony’s Hooked On Golf blog today and he was blogging about Tattoo Golf Clothing.

The best way I can describe their product line is to say that they sell an alternatively “cool” line of shirts, hats, club covers, balls, tees, bags, etc… They’ve taken a preexisting standard and added some trendy style to it.

As with most new ideas I encounter, I began pondering the potential demand of their clothing line. It seems to me that in the past 10-15 years golf has lost that “old man sport” label that it once had and it has experienced an influx of players from all ages, backgrounds, demographics and skill levels. If you don’t believe me, visit your local $20 public course, in our case, Casselberry and take a look at the clientèle.

It is from this group that I believe Tattoo Golf will receive a lot of business from. I think the “old school” golfers will still wish to maintain the traditional look that we’ve all grown accustom to but the new breed of golfers will be more inclined experiment.

Personally, I like their product line and I hope it does well. Check out this highspeed low drag Poly-Dri high performance golf shirt called “The Argyle!”

The Argyle

Your opinions?

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