Odyssey White Ice 2 Putter Review

Changing Trends in Golfing

As of recently, manufacturers of golf balls have started making the cover softer than before in an attempt to enhance spin; a measure that is increasingly necessary seeing the drastic changes being made in golf clubs with club manufacturers preferring the introduction of grooves in wedges. Not all golf club manufacturing companies have adapted to the changing standard of golf balls and this has resulted in a compromise in performance in the golfing arena.

Some Key Features of the White Ice 2

Odyssey has really shown promising signs of development and research with the new White Ice moniker technology. The fine-tuned improvisations made in the face insert have helped in enhancing sound, and resilience. The new insert has also improved response rate and consistency. The core of the insert is 20% firmer to give better feel while the face has been deliberately roughened to create a brushed surface effect. This improves performance of the golfers when they are using softer golf balls that are more common today.

The prominent features of the Odyssey White Ice 2 Putter are:

  • The insert – The feature that has unmistakably taken the most planning, the face insert of the Odyssey White Ice 2 Putter has been tweaked to perfection with the years of experience that Callaway has in manufacturing golfing products. The insert promises greater responsiveness, consistency, resilience and sound.
  • Adjustable Weighting – The White Ice 2 is designed with adjustable weighting technology which allows the golfer to optimize it with three settings.
  • White Ice 2 is made of dark-nickel with a rich finish which is enough to boost the confidence level of the golfer.
  • It is used on international tours by many golf players which proves the style quotient it holds compared to other putters.
  • Callaway has really done its math right in developing the core focusing on both resiliency and feel. The inner core is made 19.6% firmer enhancing the feel of the White Ice 2. It also offers improved resiliency with 92% more stiffness.
  • With its light weight, the White Ice 2 offers perfect balance, enhancing feel and control and providing greater accuracy.

Callaway has always been one step ahead of its competitors with Odyssey range of products that has been planned to perfection with a custom designed insert patented under the company name. The introduction of the evolved face insert for the new White Ice Putter series compensates for the varying designs of golf balls.

The most obvious and unmistakable change introduced in the White Ice 2 Putter is the 2-ball part. In general, it is the golf-ball shaped white alignment aids that decorate the top of the putter. The addition of this aid in the Odyssey range is very useful for amateur golfing enthusiasts who need practice with their putt shots. Looking down at the ball, the golfer can distinguish a line created by the series of golf balls that point toward the trail you intend to follow. It is an innovative way of helping golfers in successfully guiding the golf ball towards the putt.

Testing the Odyssey White Ice 2

Testing this artistically designed putter is a treat for anyone who wants to try it. It has a pleasant feel about it and gives confidence to the golfer. The classy look with the dark-nickel finish also adds to the overall effect and look. It has a decent weight which is distributed evenly across the body to provide balance and stability. Having tested countless putters before, the White Ice 2 offers incredible responsiveness and adaptability. It is also available for left-handed golfers.

For the skeptic ones, it becomes evident what purpose the golf-ball shaped alignments marked down the shaft are intended to serve. “Putt-ing” the ball becomes considerably easy with the help of these aids. The white Ice 2 is a must-buy for amateur golf enthusiasts who need practice with putt-ing shots. Also, the face insert feels great offering a cracking sound upon impact. It also has a wider “sweet spot which enhances accuracy of shots. It is amazing how effortlessly it guides the golf ball into the putt.

Comes With a 2-year Warranty

Last but not the least, Odyssey offers a 2-year money back guarantee for dissatisfied customers. That being said, odyssey products have seldom found their way back to the manufacturers seeing the fine build-quality that the company offers. Odyssey putters have been known for their high resistance to wear-and-tear and weather and this is signified by the Odyssey assurance of quality. Sp for those people who are having difficulty putting their shots and who think that they golf coaching lessons are going to waste, Odyssey White Ice 2 can help them to catch the road to success. However, this does not in any way imply that the White Ice 2 is meant just for amateur golfers; with the high build quality and classy finish, it is the dream club of any international golf player.

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