Ping K15 Irons Review

If you are like most, you’re probably wondering if Ping K15 irons are really that much different than the G15 irons,  and how will they compare to the G20 irons that are forthcoming? Well, many are calling them the perfect hybrid; I call them unbelievably forgiving, even on a bad day! Fair enough, Ping and every other name tosses the term forgiving  around like alligators in the Everglades, but as much as I’d like to ping (no pun intended) manufacturers for the overuse of this word, it’s nothing short of appropriate here.

I am a creature of habit, I rarely accept new change and quite honestly, I didn’t want to like, much less get excited, over a hybrid club. However, after taking many skeptical swings with the Ping K15 irons, they quickly broke down my defensive walls.

It is said that hybrids are beneficial for older golfers or those who simply don’t have the speed on their downswing to get them to the green. When you add an iron that increases speed, provides forgiveness and offers the best launch angle, you produce more accurate and further shots. It’s hard to complain; unless you’re overshooting the green and, then you have other problems.


If you hate the big and bulky look, you will probably already have a strong opinion formed about the Ping K15 irons. For a long time, I wanted my clubs streamlined; why should others know that I was using one that offered correction. I almost felt like I was riding a bike with training wheels. Then, I looked around and realized that perhaps my judgmental self was a little outdated. As I was proudly taking an extra stroke with my simple irons, others were laughing their way to the green with their corrective ones. So, appearance of these irons is neutral for me. I don’t mind the big bulky look, because I’ve learned to appreciate what they offer.

That being said, considering the size of these irons, the head is a lot more compact than you would expect. The finish is handsome, similar to raw steel. It looks great, and perhaps it’s my fondness for medieval warfare, but I feel stronger holding a piece of steel rather than the PVD finishes on so many today. Add that to the thick toplines, wide soles and conforming grooves, and you may just find an appreciation for clunky!


If I can sum up the Ping K15 irons in one word, it would definitely be consistent. It doesn’t matter if you are on favorable land or not, the sweet spot of the face is easy to find. It’s as if the ball is magnetically charged to attract the face to it at the precise spot and angle. If I had a problem with slicing, (which I would never admit to), I would say that these clubs can definitely reduce those tendencies.

Cutting through the rough is simpler, and it allows for even gentle draws and fades. Very good spin correction is offered as well. I will say that it does return a little feedback on mishits, but it’s quite subtle, not at all unpleasant like I was expecting. When you do strike the middle of the face, you definitely know it, as you are gifted with a crisp sensation.

If you are assuming that these are going to be heavy irons, causing you to ice your shoulders later, they’re not. Due to the thinner face being repositioned to the toe, there is a significant weight savings that is appreciated. A higher launch angle is achieved due to the wide soles and a center of gravity combines nicely with stronger lifts to produce longer shots. This is done without having to sacrifice higher trajectory that is typically required from a forgiving iron.

Bottom line, when you can control your game from around 175 yards, you have a better chance at reaching more greens. This translates to bogeys, pars and birdies, so who cares if someone else knows you’re swinging a helpful iron; you won’t be the one hiding your scorecard in the bottom of the trash later.The Ping K15 irons offer a deep and low center of gravity, lightweight titanium face, offset hosel and a high MOI, which all dictates to a better game.


If you are a single-digit handicap, you probably won’t see the benefits of these irons, but if you are perhaps a mid to low handicap who has a tendency to slice or fade, you will likely develop a strong relationship with the Ping K15 irons. They feel good, and you can count on them to deliver. So, even if you don’t live for the oversized appearance, you will be willing to overlook this. If you are not shooting somewhere in the low 80s, these can improve your game.

I’ve always respected Ping; they have a well-deserved reputation, so I’m always anxious to see what they’ll offer next. Despite that I wanted to bash them for using that forgiving word I get so tired of hearing, I can’t! These irons deliver exactly what they promise!

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