2011 PGA Championship Streaming & Iphone App

The 2011 PGA Championship kicks off tomorrow and if you’re like me, you probably have to check in with the task master and put in a hard days labor instead of kicking back on the couch eyes glued to the tournament with a cold brew in your hand.

Fear not my friends, for they’ve provided us with two ways to check out all the action. If you’ve got an Ipad or Iphone, there’s a free golf app download for the 93rd PGA Championship where you can watch live action from the Atlanta Athletic Club.

Through the app, you’ll be able to watch every shot from the Marquee Group as well as the entire field play through the four Par-3 holes of the 2011 PGA Championship. Live coverage is taking place Thursday – Sunday, free-O-charge. Might want to go ahead and upgrade your Apple data plan for this month! 🙂

For iPhone users only, you can setup and receive alerts for up to five players and breaking news alerts from around the course.

There’s a custom leaderboard option where you can add or remove your favorite players and see how they’re faring out at Atlanta Athletic Club.

For those attending the tournament, there’s an on-course features for spectators where you can locate your favorite player, get spectator alerts and follow the live action coverage blog.

You can download the 2011 PGA Championship Iphone/Ipad App here.

If you don’t have an apple mobile device, and unlike me, your office doesn’t firewall streaming video, you can catch all the action starting tomorrow through online streaming.

Online streaming of the 93rd PGA Championship entails the same live video as the golf app, that is the marquee groups and the four Par-3 holes.

In addition, they’ve setup a 360 degree camera  that provides a panoramic look and natural sounds of the Atlanta Athletic Club!

My favorite feature of the online streaming is the “snap and share.” This option allows you to “snap and share” any of your favorite video clips from the TNT broadcast or the PGA Championship Live video stream and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Pretty sweet right?

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