AB Golf Designs – USA themed headcover is a knockout

Check out the newest addition to AB Golf Designs, the Count of Monte Fisto head cover. This newest design is sure to bring a tear to even the least patriotic golfer.

Designed to fit golf clubs from a 460cc driver to 160cc 3wood,  the Count of Monte Fisto is made of soft durable material that closely resembles genuine leather and has the US flag printed across the entire front with the letters USA on the cuff.

All materials in the Count of Monte Fisto are non toxic and flame retardant. Double stitching with top quality thread ensures product strength for a long life. The glove lining is produced from a polyester material very similar to sheepskin and provides excellent head protection. Durable elastic inside the cuff secures to a tight fit over the neck so that the cover will not fall off in the fairway or end up in the garage.  This product is surface washable with a damp cloth.

Maybe if the USA Team had the Count of Monte Fisto on their clubs during the 2010 Ryder Cup, the outcome would’ve been different. Well, at the very least, in a fit of rage, we could’ve whipped them off our club heads, put them on our fists and went to town on the Eurpoean team! 🙂 It’s a multi-use product, as my wife can attest to. For the record, it wasn’t me, my two year old discovered it laying on the counter and decided to Apollo Creed my wife (not the dying Apollo..). I received an exasperated phone call detailing the encounter and, for the record, I couldn’t have been more proud! 🙂

I put it on my Cleveland Launcher DST Driver and although it doesn’t exactly “fit like a glove (ha.. ha..),” it serves it’s intended purpose. The shape of the Count of Monte Fisto prevents it from being an easy slip on and slip off operation. It takes a little effort to put it on all the way, but I think this will lessen the longer you use it.

Do you own a funky club head cover? If so, what’s in the bag?? 🙂

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  2 comments for “AB Golf Designs – USA themed headcover is a knockout

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    That is a pretty cool head cover. Too bad the US team couldn’t provide a knock out punch. There is always the next time.

  2. at

    Yes, next time for sure!

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