2010 Masters Tickets – Cristie Kerr’s “He’s Back” Raffle

2010 Masters Tickets – Cristie Kerr’s “He’s Back” Raffle

What would you do for a chance to win 2010 Masters Tickets? I’m sure the list would go something like this; Sell your soul to the devil, sacrifice your first born, give your left (enter appendage here..) or even worse, volunteer for an IRS tax audit.. 🙂

Well I’ve got some good news for you! You don’t need to do any of that and you still have the opportunity to attend!

In support of Birdies for Breast Cancer and partnering up with Celebrities for Charities, Cristie Kerr created the “He’s Back” 2010 Masters Tickets raffle.

Who’s back?

Tiger Woods of course and you (and I) have the opportunity to witness to return, live and in person!

The raffle runs until April 6th, 2010 and it’s $2.00 per ticket with a minimum purchase of five tickets.

Winner(Dave :)) and guest will enjoy two badges to the final weekend of the 2010 Masters in Augusta where Tiger Woods will make his return to Professional Golf (Sat. April 10 & Sun. April 11)

Winner and guest will enjoy three night accommodations in a private home near Augusta National Golf Course (includes breakfast and dinner for two each day)

Winner will receive two first class round-trip airfare vouchers on Continental Airlines (Limited to Continental United States, Valid Through August 1, 2010, and subject to certain Blackout Dates)

Winner and guest will enjoy complimentary ground transportation while in Augusta (to and from Augusta Airport, Residence, and Tournament as well as local transportation in the Augusta)

Winner will receive a cash prize in the amount of $1,633.50 to mitigate the Winner’s tax liability that results from winning the raffle. This prize is withheld and paid, on behalf of the Winner, directly to the IRS ($1,350.00) and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ($283.50)

Help Cristie Kerr and Birdies for Breast Cancer in their efforts to help fund breast cancer research and, in return, you could be enjoying this golf experience of a lifetime. Tickets start at just $2.00 each and decrease for orders of more than five tickets. Cristie Kerr and Birdies for Breast Cancer are utilizing the Celebrities for Charity Foundation (“CFC”) and tickets are only available online.

Tickets decrease in price the more you order, see below.

5 Tickets $2.00 Per
10 Tickers $1.50 Per
20 Tickers $1.25 Per
50 Tickers $1.00 Per

For your opportunity to win 2010 Masters Tickets, visit Cristie Kerr’s Masters Package (Tiger’s Back) Raffle.

Let me know if you’re planning on participating, I’ve already purchased mine!

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