The Back Nine – One Mans Quest to play Pro Golf

thebacknineHave you ever dreamed about playing professional golf? I have, pretty frequently, but always, the cold hard truth sets in and I realize that I neither have the time, money or skill level to ever try and pursue that dream.

Enter a man named John Fitgerald. After turning 40, this average golfer decides to follow his dream and take a crack at becoming a professional golfer. His DVD “The Back Nine,” chronicles the trek he takes to achieve his dream.

Along the way, John partners up with some big names in the golf industry who help him hone the physical and mental abilities needed to conquer the beast we call golf.

One of those featured in the DVD is none other than golf yoga instructor Katherine Roberts, who’s released many a book and DVD on improving your mental and physical health through meditation and yoga. She’s also been featured on the Golf Channel and does seminars throughout the country.

Another is mental game expert, Dr. Joe Parent, author of a little book known as “Zen Golf.” If you haven’t heard of this guy you definitely need to do some research, I just finished the book and it was a great read and very enlightening.

Last¬† is PGA Instructor Tim Suzor with Kinetic Golf Academy. They used some really cool technology to monitor John’s swing, similar to what they used at the TaylorMade Performance Lab.

John takes his new and improved golf self to the Golf Channel Amateur tour and battles some tough competitors whilst trying to make his way to the top.

Along the way you follow John’s adventure as he runs into many of the roadblocks we all face in pursuit of our game and some really amazing experiences that many of us only dream about.

The Back Nine is an inspirational story and a good golf movie, it’s a good look at what pursuing the dream is like without the rose-colored lenses.

If you’ve watched the movie, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.


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    This is a dangerous product for an equipment junkie like myself…

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    Wow this is awesome I can’t wait for the release. what a great concept. Thanls for posting this information. I love Golf!!! I had never heard of this before.

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