Wilson Staff Fybrids – Get em while they’re hot!

I was on the evil Facebook last night, and I noticed a status update from LoudMouth Golf Radio. Checking it out, I learned that he had come into possession of a few lefty Wilson Staff Fybrids and he wanted to sell them.

They retail for $150 and he’s selling them for $60 for one or $100 for two. I did some research and also took a look at The Hackers Paradise Hybrid Shootout Results and decided to pick them up.

I met up with Scott from LMGR for lunch. He was sporting the Loudmouth Golf Bushwood-A‘s. Totally cool guy who is one of those guys who can create an ingenious idea in a matter of seconds. 🙂

After the lunch, we did the swap and I am now the proud owner of two sexy Wilson Staff Fybrids, a 3h and 4h. I went for the A-flex.

As it turns out, I’m playing a round later this afternoon and tomorrow I’ll write up a review.

He still has a couple left, so if you’re cool-handed, like myself, and you’re looking for a good deal on a new hybird, email scott@loudmouthgolfradio.com.


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