Orlando Golf Course Review – Mystic Dunes

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Orlando Golf Course Review – Mystic Dunes Golf Club

I really enjoyed the course. There’s been some jokes thrown around about Mystic Dunes saying “all you need to do is add a clown head and a windmill and you’ll have yourself some putt putt greens.” While I can appreciate the immagry, I think that’s a going way too far.

Like the review mentions, the greens are what REALLY make the course tough and I appreciated that.

It’s a very scenic course and it’s pretty well maintained. Here’s my favorite shot.

If you’ve played it, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.


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  2 comments for “Orlando Golf Course Review – Mystic Dunes

  1. Ted

    I have played this course numerous times and enjoy it thoroughly. Several things to consider for the person looking for a great course to play on a trip.
    1. This course is very easy to find in the Disney area. It is close to Disney Hotels and simple access off I-4 and/hwy 192.
    2. Holes 2-6 are totally away from the resort and you cannot believe you are two miles from Disney World. No holes come close to parallel. In fact, I can only think of 4 holes where you can even see the next tee from the green. I can only think of one hole where you can another fairway from the fairway you are playing.
    3. The back 9 has only one hole with condos and that is the beautiful par 3 11th that is pictured above.
    4. The greens are fun and they do rock and roll. If you watch tour golf on TV you will see so many of the courses will have multitiered greens. At Mystic Dunes the holes change completely day to day based on pin placements. And pins are moved every day. So play it twice and second day you will be using 2-4 club differences hitting to greens. And the putts will be totally different day to day.
    5. Great Staff. Starters and rangers are in Red Blazers, vests, ties, and knickers in the winter. They know the economy is tough and golf is a competitive business. Always friendly rangers, always making sure we were OK.
    6. People critical of this course are few and far between. It is different than other “Florida Courses”
    7. GPS is “to the pin” and really helps. We usually played in about 4:20 to 4:30 in the busy winter season.

  2. Frank Wild

    Mystic Dunes Golf Course
    Date of play: 14 March 2011

    Along with 3 golf mates on an early golf vacation I played five courses in the Orlando area: Eagle Creek, Waldorf Astoria, Harmony Golf Preserve, Orange County National and— lastly (very lastly)—- Mystic Dunes Golf Course.

    For context, all of us have played a lot of different courses over the years and range in handicap from 5 to 20. Despite great reviews and ratings Mystic Dunes seems to have on various golf sites and magazines we were very disappointed to the point of that we felt we had been had.

    Mystic Dunes is a poorly designed, tricked out track. I think Gary Koch should be embarrassed as the designer. The most problematic and annoying feature of the course is the greens. Most greens are either small and domed or large and excessively/severely tiered. In a few instances the only thing that seemed to be lacking was a windmill to putt through. As it relates to the second fundamental problem of the course— maintenance— such severely tiered or domed greens are very difficult to maintain—- cutting properly and keeping watered (tops of domes or low spots).

    The course also has a number of holes designed for blind shots, unnecessarily so. For a resort course that probably has a lot of one-time golfers, the blind holes are just a pain in the ass— not clever or fair.
    The course was in poor condition when we played in mid-March 2011. The grass on the greens on the front nine was sparse— bald spots and thin. The greens on the second nine were all top-dressed— we were not informed of this when we started play. Needless to say, putting on top-dressed greens takes a lot of fun out of any round. Putting is a crap-shoot. Fairways on the front-side were loaded with small, dry leaves and pretty thin.
    Mystic Dunes does not deserve high ratings we used to select this course. If other courses we played, listed above, were “A’s”, Mystic Dunes would be a “C minus.” It is not a difficult course, it is a tricked out course that is not a good test of golf or a pleasurable round.

    With all the other golfing choices in the Orlando area, I would not recommend Mystic Dunes. Before writing this review I revisited some of the course rating and review sites. I read several recent glowing reviews of Mystic Dunes which makes me think Mystic Dunes marketers are writing their own copy. I just cannot believe anyone could play the course I played and give it a good review.
    One other tip, our Garmin gps navigation system took us to what was the front entrance to the property— it is now the locked back entrance.

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