Hunter’s Creek Golf Course Review

I had the chance to review Hunter’s Creek Golf Course and the review is posted below.

Orlando Golf Course Review – Hunter’s Creek Golf Course

For those who don’t know, I’ve been given the opportunity to write Orlando Golf Course Reviews for

Hunter’s Creek was a tough one to write., truth be told, I like the course and they have a great practice area. I live pretty close to the course and I recently signed up for their “Creek Card.” The two for one range balls, free rounds, and discounted rates are a pretty big appeal especially when the card is only $99 bucks.

But in terms of course review, there’s nothing “Awesome” about the course. It’s fun and can be challenging, but it not particularly memorable or unique in terms of design and layout.

Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the review and the course.


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  2 comments for “Hunter’s Creek Golf Course Review

  1. Norm

    Nice review Dave, Sounds pretty accurate. Those greens kicked my butt last week, but hey, I did not lose one Callaway golf ball!!

  2. Al

    The service has improved tremendously under new management. I played it just twice in ten years, but I hit the range and have played it twice a month this summer. You just come up short on a lot of the par fours. If they continue to improve a few hard hit greens this one could continue to climb back up the ranking for locals looking for a good value.

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