Eidolon Wedges

A couple weeks ago I wrote about how psyched I was to discover that one of the OOBGolf.com Mystery Bags, I purchased and received contained three Eidolon V-Sole Wedges and how to my dismay they were for all those wrong handers.  See OOBGolf Mystery Bags II for the full article.

I contacted Eidolon and Terry Koehler a.k.a The Wedge Guy was more than happy to exchange them out for a set of lefties.  See Golf Blog for the full article.

Well, at last!  I received my lefty wedges over the weekend.  In the box, there was a 52, 56, 60 degree Rifle Spinner Firm Flex left handed, totally awesome Eidolon V-Sole Wedges!

Eidolon V-Sole Wedges

I had no time to go to the range this weekend, so I spent some time with them in the back yard and I can’t wait to get out to the range!

Eidolon V-Sole Wedges

Look at how happy my youngest son(Kai) is! He was cruising around in his 1968 Shelby Mustang and had to stop and admire daddy’s new toys. 🙂

Thanks Terry for swapping these out for me!  I’ll be putting them to good use!


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  5 comments for “Eidolon Wedges

  1. at

    Something looks wrong with those wedges — did you reverse the images or something 8=)

  2. at

    Haha…. my poor friend, it’s not too late, open your eyes and embrace the TRUTH! Trade your right handed clubs in for REDEMPTION!! 🙂

    And no, the images are not reversed, they are wedges made for the “right” handed folks in the world 🙂

  3. at

    Man those look strange pointing the wrong way.

    Guess what? I still carry an Eidolon 52 and 56 in my bag!

    Looks like you fixed the comment thing better. Now rather than just the (X), the whole word comment should be linkable, then you’ll be rockin…

  4. at

    You know what else looks so strange? Your wedges are shiny. My have hit thousands of shots. I’ve worn the finish off the bottom!

  5. at

    I think they are pointing the right way, it saddens me that so many of you golfers have been mislead.. 🙂 Hah, give me some time and I’ll have my wedges looking plenty used.

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