John Daly Smashes a Spectators Camera

A great example of the refinement and gentlemanly conduct our great game is known for… 🙂

John Daly loses it

It gives me great pleasure to know that our fellow Americans are furthering the reputation that the US is known for.. 🙂

Now, I can’t totally fault Mr. Daly for his mood, he was not having a great round and yes, there are times when I’ve felt like hurling something into the trees, albeit its usually a golf club.  I do however, expect a bit more from our professional golfers, even John Daly…

In his defense, there were no cameras or cell phones allowed on the course AND he did offer to buy the Mr. Clegg a new one, which he will probably not pursue saying “He’s a big guy.” 🙂

I think he could fetch a pretty penny by putting that camera up on ebay.  I bet he would at a minimum cover the costs of a new one and most likely be able to get an upgraded model… perhaps one that is shatter resistant? 🙂

How do you feel about John Daly’s outburst, over the top? Justified?


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  1. at

    I think it was actually the Nike logo on the hat that set John off …

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