Ping S56 Irons Golf Club Review

About Ping Products
PING is an American brand well known for producing high quality golf clubs and other golf-related equipment. The founder of this company or organization is Karsten Solheim. This former engineer has now gone on to become a famous personality of the present era. PING provides a variety of equipments which generally include putters, drivers, wedges, hybrids and irons. PING is definitely one of the leading companies in producing all types of clubs for golfers. This company has a good reputation all over and therefore its products are also quite popular.

The Ping S56 IronsPing S56 Irons

The overall key features of the PING S56 irons are listed below:

  • It has a compact head design
  • A reduced perimeter weighting
  • Toe weighting
  • A hind facing weight cartridge
  • A repositioned CG
  • Customizable weight according to the preference
  • Greatly improved accuracy
  • Other distinct features

The Ping S56 Iron Set has been deemed the new king on the block and the successor to the Ping S57 Irons. When put together, these two clubs have almost the same small-sized and compact head, reduced perimeter weighting and a minimal offset. However, upon closer inspection, the two clubs can be easily differentiated because the Ping S56 has a slightly longer hosel which provides more weight to the area of the heel.

This extra weight helps to generate more power and accuracy in the hits or swings. This power and accuracy offers the golfer to hit the ball over a long distance with much speed. For enhanced performance, the Ping S56 Irons uses variable tungsten toe weighting technology, which involves a cartridge that further assists the golfer to customize the club according to his or her requirements and preferences.

This cartridge also serves as a shock-absorber i.e. it absorbs vibrations when a swing or hit is performed by the golfer. As a whole, the iron of the club is of superior quality and is very forgiving as it allows the golfers to hit their shots with extra accuracy and better shape. The Ping S56 is generally a golf club which is most suitable for elite golfers.

The design of the blade is crafted in such a way that the player is able to maintain complete control over the shots. This is done with an even distribution of weight along the club. The grooves and the machined face enable the golfer to maintain precise control and thus greatly enhance the performance and quality of shots. The short irons are normally designed in a wider shape so that they can produce more accurate and controlled shots. The long irons, on the other hand, are narrower and this helps to generate shots which are a lot faster having higher trajectories.

The PING S56 is generally available in 12 different color codes. These clubs are generally divided into three categories of colors namely:

  • Upright
  • Standard
  • Flat

Upright colors generally include the most basic colors such as green, silver, blue, yellow, white and maroon. Flat colors mostly comprise of red, golden, brown, purple and orange. The standard color theme comprises of only one color which is black. Each shade in the available color palette represents a different and unique lie angle. If the golfer is tall, he will find the upright colors to better suit his individual requirements. similarly, shorter golfers will feel more comfortable using flatter color code.

The same goes with the length of the club. Taller players are naturally more comfortable with longer shafts while shorter players tend to use shorter versions. Checking the length of the rod or club is extremely important as it is one of the factors that determines how great a distance the ball is going to travel. The Ping S56 is available in many shapes and sizes so that the player does not come across any inconvenience while selecting the appropriate equipment to win the game.

The players are also presented with a good variety of grips which improve the feel of the golfer’s shots. All these grips are also color coded and are produced in various thickness levels. The grip is available in colors such as blue, red, aqua, orange, gold, white etc.

On The Negative Side
A possible drawback that the Ping S56 Irons has is that this form of club is solely and specifically designed for professional and elite golfers. Amateurs who are willing to try out their skills or are new to this sport won’t exactly feel comfortable while using such advanced equipment.

Final Word
The Ping S56 has been deemed the successor of the PING S57 and upon review of both the clubs, S56 Irons turns out to be a better bargain no matter how a person looks at it. It has a much better look, it is more forgiving, has a comfortable feel and generates less spin. Therefore, if one is looking towards professional golfing, this can surely prove to be a handy weapon in anyone’s hand.

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