Callaway Razr Hawk Driver Review

If you are an ardent golfing enthusiast, you may have come across Callaway’s innovative range of products while giving it a go. Callaway has been on the forefront in designing innovative and state-of-the-art drivers for some time now. This is what has earned them the distinction of standing out from the crowd. With the help of extensive research and development, Callaway has redefined its range of drivers, refining them with the use Callaway RAZR Hawk Driverof composite materials in their design as well as construction; and the Razr Hawk Driver delivers just that. Here is an independent review of the Callaway Razr Hawk Driver conducted by one of our experts.

Some Words on Technical Specifications
Callaway’s Razr Hawk Driver boasts an aerodynamic and aesthetically pleasing design along with a relatively long club length. It is light weight which makes it user-friendly and its looks and feel leave no possible room for improvement.

A little while back, the market was circulating with rumors that Callaway was working in collaboration with Lamborghini on a new composite material that was strong and light at the same time. This new composite material has been introduced into the Razr Hawk Driver for easier re-positioning of weight to provide greater stability. Since the strong composite material is extremely lightweight, it also offers greater power and a higher level of precision.

Callaway seems to have learned from past mistakes and the Razr Hawk Driver seems to have helped them in their bid to make amends. Instead of saving on overall weight by simply using a lighter shaft or a smaller grip, Callaway has preferred to improvise on the club head. The new line of Callaway club heads that are forged from composite material do well to keep the weight of the driver in check as well as increasing overall forgiveness.

Callaway also seems to have learned that aerodynamics and aesthetics are two things that not many golf enthusiasts will compromise on when selecting their driving companion. Special attention has been paid to the aerodynamics of the Razr Hawk Driver and it is unmistakable how smooth and streamlined it is compared to its predecessors. Apart from the nice feel it gives to the user and its style quotient, streamlined aerodynamics of the Razr Hawk Driver greatly reduce drag and resistance.

Upon closer inspection, it can be observed how much attention Callaway has paid to the design of the club head. The Razr Hawk Driver uses the patented Hyperbolic Face specialty to increase the speed of the club head. This allows an extended hitting area and an increased ball speed along the face of the driver. Repositioned weight helps to maintain perfect balance and provides greater stability. Let’s take a further look into the pros and cons of this driver.

ACCURACY AND FORGIVENESS: Callaway Razr Hawk Driver also offers accuracy and precision with the longer handle perfect for heel shots or when you are playing close to the toes. Although Callaway has made sure that the driver is lightweight at only 325 grams, it is still pretty long for an average golfer. This means that the golfer needs to do a fair bit of practice to hit the golf ball with the sweet spot of the club head. I used it only for a week and I was able to hit the ball with precision only half the time. I definitely found the longer 46-inch handle to be one of the bigger cons of the Razr Hawk Driver as it gave me the most trouble. Especially when the latest trend has seen shorter handled drivers with an average length shorter than 45-inches.

FEEL AT IMPACT: Fairly solid-feeling when you consider that the club has been forged in carbon composite.

POWER: One positive thing that is unmistakable and cannot be ignored is that the Callaway Razr Hawk Driver has been designed to generate a lot of additional power. The use of composite material in the head along with a 46-inch shaft packs enough punch to land the ball a good 10 yards further than normal.

WORKABILITY: For golfing pros who boast a higher level of skill, the RAZR Hawk offers higher degree of command when drawing or fading the ball without compromising on distance.

SOUND AT IMPACT: Although the muffled sound is not really much of a factor for most people, there is a different feeling you get when you hear the sound of the driver hitting the ball. This is the only reason that you will probably not welcome the use of the forged carbon composite material in the club head as it subdues the sound of the swing.

Final Decision
Let’s get down to the big question; should you buy the Callaway Razr Hawk driver or not? All in all, I found it a fairly good deal at its market price. It delivers most of the time and, in my opinion, all it demands is a fair bit of practice and you will be hitting the ball with the sweet spot on the club head. Apart from that, the Razr Hawk Driver offers a considerably good performance with good distance and greater forgiveness.

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