The Best Courses to play in Orlando

Sorry for the delay between posts!  Last week, I fell into a turkey coma and just woke up.. 🙂

Sitting on my throne, flipping the pages of an older edition of Golf Magazine, I stumbled upon an article called “The Best Courses Near You.”  This is their first ever rankings of the best courses you can play in every state.  Being the illustrious “Orlando Golf Blogger,” I’ve compiled the best courses to play in Orlando (and surrounding areas :)).


drum roll please….

I present to you, ranked from highest to lowest, the best golf courses in Orlando!

Southern Dunes Golf Course

1.   Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill
2.   Reunion (Independence)
3.   Victoria Hills Golf Club
4.   Southern Dunes
5.   Grand Cypress New Course
6.   OCN (Panther Lake)
7.   Walt Disney World (Osprey Ridge)
8.   Reunion (Legacy)
9.   Grand Cypress North/South/East
10. Ritz-Carlton Members Club

For those of you awesome readers who don’t live in Orlando, here’s a link I found to the article so you can find yours too! 🙂

The Best Courses Near You

Alright, well, I believe I’ve reached my linking quota for the year 🙂  Enjoy!!


Here’s some Orlando golf course reviews for your perusal and if you’re looking to play, here’s a selection of discounted Orlando tee times.

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