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Soo…  In an attempt to reduce the size of my midsection, I’ve signed up for Yoga classes at a local ‘hot’ Yoga school.  It’s called Bikram Yoga College of Orlando.  They conduct classes in a room that’s at a constant temperature of 90 degrees (I believe), they pack you in there like sardines and you get to enjoy not only your sweat, but the sweat of those flanking you on all sides.

I did a trial class and the guy next to me, who resembled a large werewolf during a full moon, would fling his arms wide and shower me in his body’s attempt to cool itself…

But after the class, I felt great and was full of energy.  I plan on doing three classes a week and will be monitoring my progress.

I started pondering what impact Yoga might have on my golf game, figuring that a given was increased flexibility, which, would allow for deeper swings and result in more distance from strikes.  After doing some research, it turns out that, although continued practice of Yoga over time may increase a  person’s flexibility, it is not true in all cases and should not be assumed.  Yoga was not created for that purpose.

There are benefits derived from Yoga that can help your game and it’s because the two activities are similar to one another.  In both Yoga and Golf, you must train your body and mind to focus on many independent yet related motions and combine them into one seamless movement.

For example, a Yoga pose may require you to stand on your toes, while bending this knee this way, and keeping that leg straight and locked while also extending this hand out in front of you and that hand over your head, while also, keeping your back straight and looking to the rear.  Oh, don’t forget to breath only through your nose and ofcourse, keep your balance.

Sound vaguely familiar??

All this helps develop solid muscle control and stabilization of the lower body.

The other big part of Yoga is meditation and focus.  Whenever you’re performing Yoga, you are supposed to clear your mind, focusing only on the postures and those independent motions that make up the postures.

I think this is probably the most valuable benefit to your game.  You ever hear the expression, that golf is a game of inches, the inches between your ears?  As you know, this is the seemingly simple yet most difficult aspect of any players game.  For a person like me, who’s mind races at a hundred miles a minute, my mental game can and has ruined a round.

Improving my focus would have a huge impact on my game and I’m assuming others as well.

Doing some research on Golf & Yoga, I’ve learned that the pairing of the two is nothing new, I’m just a late bloomer…

Katherine RobertsThere’s a lady named Katherine Roberts who’s been featured all over the professional golf community, has created a business around Yoga for Golf.

Thanks for reading and I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Soon to be the Orlando Yoga Golf Blogger…… as if the name wasn’t long enough..

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