Fore Score Golf Stats

The fine folks over at Fore Score Golf Stats were kind enough to let me sample their golf stats tracker free-o-charge. Thanks guys! Here’s the rundown.

Pay $20 bucks, get a lifetime membership. Play a round, record your performance, go home, enter it in. Pretty self explanatory.. 🙂

What I thought was pretty cool aside from the usual tracking (Yards, Par, HCP, Strokes) they also track putts, stableford (see link if your like me and didn’t know what that was), fairway drives, duffs, hazards. It has a database of golf courses and if you can’t find the one you played, you can add it <I think thats how they build their database, via user input>. It also graphs your progress for those who like visuals of how bad their games have been. 🙂

It’s a cool tool, I don’t know if I would pay for it though.. There are plenty of free ones out there that are almost as good..

Here’s a link to their demo page.

As always, comment as needed!


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