Sergio Garcia Tree Shot at the Arnold Palmer Invitational

Sergio Garcia literally found himself in an awkward position today at the 2013 Arnold Palmer invitational after his drive on the 10th hole went into the trees and never came down. The ball was located resting in a crook of an oak tree and Sergio performs his newly patented one-handed backwards tree shot which of course lands in the middle of the fairway…

He finished the hole with a double bogey and ended up withdrawing, but I imagine the fame this shot will bring him probably made the entire weekend worth it.

Oh, in other news.. Tiger Woods is on the top the leader board and is in a good position to win tomorrow when play resumes at Bay Hill. A win tomorrow will be his 77th on the PGA Tour and will put him back in the #1 spot just in time for the Masters.

  8 comments for “Sergio Garcia Tree Shot at the Arnold Palmer Invitational

  1. Fred C

    Gutsy shot, I was glad it worked out okay for him as there were several things that could have gone wrong with attempt, including him falling out of that tree, or even twisting an ankle or worse when jumping out. Have to give him credit for great nerves.

  2. at

    The sight of a grown man in a tree with an iron club makes me laugh out loud! It is amazing what golfers will do to save a stroke when playing golf, from stepping into alligator-infested ponds barefoot to climbing trees. Glad he didn’t hurt himself!

  3. at

    I was actually away this weekend and didn’t even know about this shot! So thanks for the post and the video as I really enjoyed them. I think though that if I’d been between the tree, I’d have been shouting ‘While We’re Young Sergio”. Steve

  4. Dan

    He played it like a seasoned pro too.
    Sized up several options and I’m not sure anyone could have played it better.
    Way to go Sergio!

  5. amy

    Dave, your blog is so great. Or at least your mom tells me so!

  6. at

    Glad he didn’t hurt himself! Way to go Sergio!

  7. at

    A classic moment from Sergio and one which I will never forget. It seems like yesterday that he did this.. how time goes by. I still feel like he should have won a major by now. I do believe he will win the ‘Open’ before his career is done.

  8. at

    Big fan of Sergio
    Glad he has a major now, long overdue!

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