2013 Battle of the Golf Blogs Champion

I know all of you readers have been waiting with bated breath to hear the outcome of the 2013 Battle of the Golf Blogs which took place out at the amazing Black Diamond Ranch Quarry course.

15th Hole – Black Diamond Ranch Quarry Course

As in previous years, the battle consisted of  a motley assortment of some of the world wide webs best, most influential golf bloggers (or at least we like to think so… ); John “Long Bomber” Duval from intothgrain.com, Tony “tears in his eyes” Korologos from hookedongolfblog.com, Rob “paparazzi” Hayashida from sandbox8.com and yours truly, the newly titled Dave “sandbagger” Lair.

The format was team match play where partners changed every six holes and the individual player with the most holes won at the end of the round was declared the winner

I’m happy to report, after a hard fought 18 holes of golf, five of which circled an old limestone quarry (hence the name) and one pretty impressive putt on #5, everyone’s favorite Orlando Golf Blogger took the title of “2013 Battle of the Golf Blogs Champion!”

Photo Courtesy of Rob Hayashida

Photo Courtesy of Rob Hayashida

It came down to the 18th hole which is a Par 5, between Tony and I. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a spectacular finish like you see in most of the Major tournaments, but “technically” I only had one putt on the card for the win. Full disclosure, we played net scoring, if I had to go head to head with any of those guys, Tony & John would wipe the floor with me and Rob & I would probably have a good match. But.. as they say, a win is a win and to the victor goes the spoils.

2013 Battle of the Golf Blogs Trohpy

Below is the post round interview and the passing of the torch from the 2012 Battle of the Golf Blogs champion John Duval.

Many Thanks to Fila Golf, the official apparel and BridgeStone Golf the official golf ball of the 2013 Battle of the Golfs and of course Black Diamond Ranch for hosting the event this year.

Also, many thanks to you, our readership for following all the action and sending words of encouragement on twitter #BOGB.

Battle of the Golf Blogs 19th Hole

Photo Courtesy of Rob Hayashida

See you next year! 🙂

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