TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC Irons Review

When you combine a cast body with a forged face, something pretty special happens. The Taylor Tour Preferred MC Irons have an undercut cavity which allows for weight repositioning to the perimeter. This simply offers better forgiveness. It also allows for a thinner face for more ball speed, and it can accommodate aTaylorMade Tour Preferred MC Irons wider sole so the center of gravity is a little further back, thereby allowing for a higher ball flight. If that is not enough to get excited about, these irons are sleek and sexy; no clunky feeling or look here, and no one will know you needed a little help with your slice!

These irons are for the average to good player. They are the most forgiving forged irons in the collection. So, if you are a 10 handicap daydreaming about knocking that down to a 5, or if you simply could use a little extra height in your ball offered by the wider sole, these are irons you want to have in your bag.


As I mentioned, I love the look of the club! When I took them for a round, I found myself making sure that others subtly saw me pulling them out of my bag. It’s like an expensive watch you want everyone to notice, but you don’t dare point it out.

Forged from high-quality 1025 carbon steel, the TaylorMade Tour Preferred MC irons have less offset and a smaller head than their relative TaylorMade Tour Preferred CB irons. The weight screw has been very thoughtfully put on a carbon composite badge. This ultimately dampens the impact sound while enhancing the feel.

A compact, shallow cavity delivers stability and workability, while the Precision Weighting Port pretty much guarantees a consistent swing weight. A straighter leading edge, less-cambered sole and a thin topline all adds up to one attractive iron. If you have a problem with digging (surely I’m not the only one), you will appreciate that the less cambered sole will help correct this.


I have to admit, I really did not understand just how beneficial Inverted Cone Technology was, until I found myself on the 6th hole in an undesirable position. If these irons were going to impress me, this was the time to do it. This was a sink-or-swim moment. I knew that this was a shot that I would traditionally end up mumbling a few choice words under my breath as I walked (not drove) for the next close hit. Interestingly, the scenario did not quite play out like this.

When they say that the Inverted Cone Technology helps to boost ball speed when faced with off-center contact, they are not exaggerating! I tried to nonchalantly hide my enthusiasm while jumping in my cart, but I failed miserably. That one swing earned a great deal of trust in my relationship with these irons.

Now, if you are looking for a club that is going to miraculously deliver amazing changes in your game, you will not find it here. The MC irons don’t necessarily provide a game improving undercut, but they sure do a fantastic job at assisting with mishits, thanks to the thoughtful perimeter weighting. With less offset, you are granted control to shape your shots more effectively.

These are irons that feel very natural; you can take them out the first time and feel good swinging them without a break-in or adjustment period. You will notice that it is almost as if they melt through the turf as they make contact; the ball is super soft off the face. I appreciate that they offer solid and consistent ball flight and shape. These are irons that you only need to swing a few times to feel comfortable making them a permanent fixture in your bag.


It is hard to put my finger on exactly what I like most about these irons. At first glance, I would say it’s the appearance, but we all know that looks are not delivering a good game; they are merely an added bonus. I do like the minimal heel-to-toe radius paired up with just the right amount of camber, allowing for a clean and precise cut to the turf with very little resistance.

If by chance you need a little (or less) assistance with your game, the Taylor Tour Preferred MC irons have CB and MB relatives. The CB offer a deep and lower weight for a lot more forgiveness. They also help to find that sweet spot consistently every single time. The MB irons are for serious players who are all about feel and control. They do not have the same carbon composite badge, so there is no altered feeling at impact. If you are somewhere in between average and expert, you will like enjoy what the MC irons have to offer.

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