Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Putter Review


Most amateur golfers ignore the performance-determining features of a golf club such as build quality and technologies, focusing more on the style and glamor quotient. A great-looking golf putter will definitely turn some heads and win you a couple of “oohs” and “ahs” from the crowd of girls that you are trying so hard to impress.

However, golf is one of those a spectator sports where performance matters more than looks and therefore, merely carrying an impressive range of clubs is not enough to win glory. After all, what good is a putter that fails miserably at guiding the golf ball into the cup? Therefore, it is important to choose your golf arsenal wisely and carefully as it can make all the difference between birdie and a bogey.

But what if you were able to have your cake & eat it too? The Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Putter has been designed to provide game and glory with the new Studio Select putters built with “303” stainless steel. When compared to the previous GSS inserts characteristic of Studio Style, they provide a marginally different feel and sound.

Look, Feel and Grip

The head of the Newport 2 has been the subject of some noticeable changes. Inspecting the club head, it bears striking resemblance to a military sniper rifle with three red dots decorating its face. The face has the trademark Scotty Cameron seal, along with a noticeably more rounded bottom and an unmistakable milling pattern gives a sharp look to the otherwise streamlined face.

Another visible change is the new grip of the Scotty Cameron Newport 2. The red Cameron cord grip on the Newport 2 is firmer, and offers more accuracy and stability whilst putting. The smooth Studio Design grip fits like a glove and has a great feel to it.

It Comes With Added Weights

Like many of it’s competitors, the new putter features adjustable weights in both the toe and heel of the club. The removable circular weights can be removed for greater balance and stability, making the Cameron Newport 2 easily customizable  to help players counteract their negative swing tendencies and adjust to various shaft lengths.

Depending on your putting stroke, additional weight can add smoothness and control to your putts. The Heavy Putter, although a slightly different weight distribution, is a prime example of how additional weighting can benefit your game. The white alignment line also makes lining the ball with the stroke as easy a winking.

The club face on the Newport 2 has a nice feel to it and is not for those golfers who like a soft putt. Its pretty springy and the ball feels like it jumps off the club face.

Other Technical Specifications

The Cameron Newport 2 comes in three lengths, 33, 34, and 35 inches. It has a lie angle of 71° which can be adjusted by a variance of 2 degrees to get the ideal setup for your game. It’s also available for those of us who golf on the “right” side of the ball (us leftys). 🙂

The Custom Shop
Although the Cameron Newport 2 comes with a standard red Cameron cord, it is available in markets in a variety of other color themes, such as Black Baby T, Black Studio Design, Red Baby T, Red Studio Design, and Red Winn AVS Midsize. Additional colors and variations are available from the custom shop.

Wrapping It Up
Although looks do not matter that much as far as performance is concerned, as Bob Bettinardi will tell you that it can make all the difference in the world. You’ve gotta be wielding a putter that makes you believe you can make any putt and aesthetics can help you believe that. The Scotty Cameron is one impressive putter, combining state-of-the-art design and technology with drop-dead gorgeous looks.

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