Titleist Vokey Wedge Review

When it comes to choosing a wedge, the Titleist Vokey is at or near the top of most golfers list. Over the years the Vokey has been a tried and trusted short game weapon for many who love it’s classic look, performance and feel. There is no doubt it is a market leader and if you are looking to replace your wedges then it’s a model you should give strong consideration.

With so much of your game taking place within 120 yards of the flag, the choice of your wedge should take at least the same, if not more precedence as the flashier driver and irons buying decisions. Wedges don’t initially have the wow factor of a brand new driver that promises the earth or a gorgeous, shiny set of irons guaranteed to hit it straight as an arrow every time, but their role in your game is critical to a good score. Think about it, other than a putter, which club is most likely to be hit at least once per hole and whose precision is of the utmost importance? That’s right, your wedge and a good wedge shot is critical to keeping your number of putts down. Skimping on the wedge is like buying a great car but neglecting to put decent tires on it….nota smart decision.


As a golfer with 30 years of varying levels of pain, misery, frustration and flashes of total and unabashed joy, I have played Vokeys almost exclusively with the odd dabble with Cleveland wedges. Becoming used to the feel and how the wedge works for you is so critical to turning 20 foot putts into 10 footers that it makes sense to find a brand you like and become familiar with it. Chopping and changing in the most precise area in golf makes little sense. I like the Vokeys, they work well for me and I’m happy with my lot. I know how they react, how the ball comes off the face and over the years have done a passable job at dialing in my range given my limited levels of talent. Your wedges should become old friends, trusted and true to you.

Bob Vokey knows how to design a wedge. The look has changed little over the years and maintains a classic, uncluttered look. Options in the finish widen the choice and you can go with standard chrome, softer satin, black, for less glare, or the popular oil can model. All look great and it’s down to individual preference but it’s nice to have that choice.

Loft options run through from 48 degree up to 64 with varying degrees of bounce. It’s easy to put your bag together depending if you are a 2, 3 or 4 wedge player and keep the gaps nice and evenly balanced.

In play the Vokey wedges feel solid and for fuller shots provide a sweet, boring flight to the zenith before floating down to the green. Now here’s where it gets fun: on landing, a well struck shot will zip back satisfyingly, leaving you feeling like a tour pro. A little practice will see you learn to judge the copious amount these wedges have to offer. Once you are in that zone you can really start to get your scores down.

For more delicate shots and bunker play, the Vokey wedge is deft and delicate as you could hope for. Bump and runs become easy to judge and when you need to fly it close to the hole you know the grooves will deliver the stopping power required to leave a short putt. This does help you be more positive and avoid the dreaded duff that advances you only a few sad inches towards your target as you try to compose yourself for the next shot whilst ignoring the barely stifled laughter from your playing partners.

From the bunker the classic sole grind helps to make everything as efficient as possible and again the spin is great, allowing the player to properly commit to the shot and feel positive about what he is doing.


Vokey has been at the top of the wedge tree for a long time now and it’s easy to see why. Classic looks, great stop and drop spinning power and all the loft/bounce options you could hope for make it a great choice for anyone. The finishes are all classy and look great in the bag.

If you take the time to practice your short game and are armed with a few Titleist Vokeys, your performance in the scoring zone is going to get better, simple as that. Work out which lofts you need, get some professional advice as you would a set of irons or a driver and get ready to lower your scores with one of the finest short game tools in golf. It really is that simple and Vokey’s awesome tour reputation should leave no doubt in your mind that you have the very best at your disposal.

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