Callaway Diablo Octane Driver Review

Quite honestly, I have not been this excited about a driver (or any other club) since the Big Bertha. I would probably even say that I’ve found my soulmate in the Callaway Diablo Octane driver, if it wasn’t missing that beautiful titanium sound that I have grown so fond of through the years. A gorgeous club that promise more yards; could you really ask for anything else?

The driver is faster, strong and lighter than pretty much any in its class, and although the forged composite does take a few swings to get used to, it is easy to quickly fall in love. When Callaway claims that the Diablo Octane is the most powerful driver to date, they’re not joking! My first run of balls at the range had my adrenaline pumping. Despite my long morning earlier, I wasn’t ready to go home and relax for the day; I needed to play a round like an addict yearns for a fix. Hooked was an understatement!

Appearance and Specifications

Although I miss the sound of a titanium driver, I can’t argue that forged composite is a wise choice. There are over 10 million turbostratic carbon fibers in the Diablo Octane, and although I may not understand the scientific breakdown of these components, I can appreciate what they deliver.

The driver is incredibly lightweight, which is what took me a minute to get used to. Callaway uses a chemical reduction process that is really quite unique, to remove excess material from the face. Not only is the club lighter, it helps to stabilize off-center shots hit from virtually all areas of the clubface.

The head incorporates a smaller footprint with a nice deep face. When you combine this with an open face angle, less face progression and a full tour hostel, you are granted a driver that looks as fierce as it feels.


I have to admit, I was excited about this driver before I even got my hands on it, but as time grew near to demo it, I was filled with anxiety. Quite honestly, I was scared that it would not measure up to my expectations. I have found from experience that many drivers do not sit nicely behind the ball, some can even be a bit unstable and distracting when you’re trying to line up. The first thing I noticed is that the Diablo Octane not only sat properly, it pretty much squared itself too!

All my anxiety was put to rest after just a couple swings. This driver impressed me immediately. The face of this thing is so incredibly hot, your ball literally jumps off of it! I easily picked up 15 yards on my first time out. Even though it was a nice calm day, I was still beyond impressed.

Now, there has been debate over the larger shaft. Is the length really needed to enhance feel and maximize performance? Callaway says that the increased club length allows you to achieve more power and greater speed on impact, and I have to agree. There are definitely a lot of players who are going to feel as though this length is awkward. You may feel a little less in control, but you will find the driver nearly does all the work itself. A few minor adjustments approaching the ball and you will never want to use a driver with a shorter shaft again.

Now, if you are a 1-handicap, you may find yourself losing distance with this driver. I have found that anyone at this skill level is opting for the Tour model. The Diablo Octane is much more appropriate for the aspiring golfer who would be delighted with even a little improvement but doing backflips over an increased distance in their drive. I think the majority of the golf population falls neatly in this category, whether we like to admit it or not.


When a driver promises increased distance, it better deliver. The Callaway Diablo Octane driver delivers, and goes on to leave a nice fat tip! Callaway certainly knew that they were doing when they teamed up with Lamborghini in a unique partnership to create a club so special that it’s worthy of being an addition to any bag.

The forged composite simply works. It allows for superior distribution, and it is easy to swing by most players. They Hyperbolic Face Technology provides consistently high ball speeds while the Project X Graphite Shaft enhances feel and performance.

Of course, if all this isn’t enough to get you excited, it boasts a stunning contemporary design. Deep, jewel-red shades add depth and interest. This is a driver that you will want to use and show off every chance you get! I do believe that Big Bertha finally met its match.

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