Ping G15 Driver Review – How Does it Stack Up Today?

The Ping Philosophy

Ping is a company who has their own little niche in the golfing world. They don’t do flash, they don’t really do pretty and they certainly don’t do gimmicks. They just do effective and they do it well. The Ping G15 is pretty much an embodiment of that philosophy and many golfers across the globe are enjoying playing it.

So when the time came for me to take the Ping G15 Driver [ click here to check prices ] out for a spin I knew what to expect. I wasn’t going to be overwhelmed with graphics, bewildered by descriptions of how it can make my game better or (and best of all) a price tag that would stop a sane man in his tracks.

What I encountered was a clubhead with a shaft stuck in it and a useful bit on the other end that I could hold onto it with.

That’s Ping folks, simple is as simple does and it’s almost always the best way in a sport that has been turned into a neo-scientific project by hype, marketing and outlandish claims of distance, so I’ll spare you the techno-psychobabble and stick to how it works.

First Impressions of the Ping G15

It’s a typical G series driver in every respect. It’s a square faced, pear-shaped design with a typically understated black matte crown. The sole is silver and adorned with minimal red and black graphics. It’s neither ugly nor super-pretty but to my eyes, it looked great behind the ball and that’s the most important element in the aesthetics department.

The stock grip is fine, not too abrasive and fairly soft. The head cover maintains the black and red color scheme. It looks like it means serious business but has been around the block enough times to know that it can dispense with any unnecessary histrionics.

Hitting the Ping G15

So, after inspecting the clubs appearance I eventually teed a ball up and gave it a whack. I had pretty high expectations of what was about to happen. Several of my friends play the G15 and they all love it. I’ve seen them hitting more fairways than they used to and maybe gaining a modicum of distance too. Although, the distance is most likely a result of their increased confidence rather than some magic dust poured over the clubface. Mind you, in golf confidence is magic dust and we could all use an extra burst from that particular spray gun.

Ok, I will hit it in a minute…. promise.

I lined the club up behind the ball and again it did look good, kind of comforting in a way, like it belonged there. The first thing you notice is the sound at impact. It’s neither especially tinny like some models nor totally muted like others but you really know you’ve just swung a piece of titanium at almost 100mph and you’ve done some damage. It felt good too, not harsh or too hard; the face feels as it has a bit of give and it gives you a feeling of power and dynamism, which is always good.

My first ball took off well and what I really noticed was the penetrating flight. I was using the stock Serrano shaft and it felt pretty good. Most of my following swings delivered the same results and it would be fair to say that my high expectations had been met by what the G15 delivered. Is it any longer than other drivers? Not really, no, but there is something that I noticed as I hit it more and more….it’s massively good on off center strikes, exceptionally good.

Sadly for me, I don’t have to try too hard to make off center contact but after a while and having worked out that the G15 rewards a good swing with an accurate and long enough result, I deliberately set up to see how a toe end flub worked. It wasn’t too bad at all. It’s not going to kill you out on the course, put it that way. You’ll be coming in with a club or two more to the green but it won’t be a case of watching a weak, slightly sad looking ball flight coming to rest within throwing distance.

The same can be said for strikes off the heel. Mine flew low and right to left but not too hideously and I’d still be able to think about par afterwards.

Review Summary

The Ping G15 is a top class driver. It sits beautifully behind the ball, is as easy to hit as a driver can be and has the bonus of Ping’s legendary build quality behind it. At it’s price point, it’s hard to beat and gives any driver out there a run for it’s money.

It’s easy to see why quite a few of my fellow golfers play it and have no plans to change. You really do get a lot of club for your money with the G15 and it’s a sound option for players at all levels.

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