TaylorMade Ghost TM-Tour 110 Putter Review

Earlier this year, TaylorMade announced a new line of Ghost putters, following the success of the original “golf ball” white Rossa Corza Ghost, which secures two wins on the PGA Tour in 2010. This new lineup consists of three new models, the TM-110 (blade style), the TM-770 (mid-mallet) and the TM-880 (small mallet).

TaylorMade sent me the TM-Tour 110 model to review which is very similar to the Rossa Daytona Ghost Putter, used by Paula Creamer to secure the 2010 U.S. Women’s Open (perhaps she should’ve wielded it for the 2011 Solheim Cup.. 🙂 )

The new Ghost TM-Tour models each come equipped with TaylorMade’s proprietary PURE ROLL titallium face insert, which is designed to reduce skidding, promoting precise line and optimum speed control.

According to the company, the patented PURE ROLL face inserts solve two common problems with standard putter launch performance. The first pertains to the loft of the putter face at impact, which is typically 4°. This lifts the ball off the ground and imparts backspin which, when the ball lands, it skids and bounces before forward roll and constant ground contact begin. During this transition, from linear movement to rotational movement, the unpredictable nature of the skid phase of the putt can easily throw the ball off the intended line. Bouncing causes lateral deviation, which leads to missed putts.

Secondly, when effective loft is too low, the putter cannot launch the ball cleanly from the depression it rests in on the green. This results in the ball being driven forward or downward into the grass sitting immediately in front of the ball, causing the ball to bounce. This reduces momentum which results in the ball rolling shorter than intended.

The composition and construction of the PURE ROLL insert is specially engineered to bring the grooves into direct and active contact with the ball during impact, even on short putts. They also serve in part to strategically soften the insert’s structure which make the insert deform at impact, putting the grooves into direct contact with the cover of the ball.

The TM-Tour 110 Ghost, like the others features Taylormade’s golf-white finish, which is designed to stand out against the green grass and eliminate hot spots, which are reflections on the putter head caused by direct sunlight. These reflections, also known as “glare” can be distracting and can cause you to miss a crucial putt.

They’ve also incorporated the three black “easy-to-see” alignment lines to the top of the putter, which contrast with the white finish, designed to simplify the aiming process.

Finally, on the TaylorMade TM-Tour 110 Ghost Putter, they’ve added adjustable weights to the back of the putter, allowing golfers to customize the feel of the putter by increasing or decreasing the weight of the clubhead. Off the shelf, it comes with four 3.3 gram steel weights already installed and you can purchase separately, a weight kit that comes with two 1.3 gram titanium weights and four 7-gram tungsten weights.


The TaylorMade TM-Tour 110 Ghost putter is a classic blade style putter that feels very soft and unlike it’s predecessor you do not have to muscle the putter to get the ball where you want it to go. TaylorMade has come out with something great with the PURE ROLL technology. It feels like the putter face compresses when it makes contact with the ball and then it launches it down your intended target line. It does not jump off the club face like other putters and to the extent I am able to direct it, stays true on the target line.

The aiming lines are helpful when aligning your putt, but these aren’t exclusive to TaylorMade and in my opinion, aren’t really a decision making feature.

I like the idea of having interchangeable weights, it allows those players who like a heaver weight achieve the desired result without having to apply gaudy lead tape to the putter, ruining the aesthetics. It’s also a benefit for those who go through a custom club fitting, they can achieve their optimal weight distribution without having to order a customer putter or replace their existing one.

Overall, the TaylorMade TM-Tour 110 Ghost is a great putter and rivals many of the custom milled more expensive brands on the market today.

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