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The fellas over at Touch Golf Designs have come out with a pretty cool Iphone golf app called Animal Coins Golf. If you enjoy putting a couple bucks down during a round with your friends or strangers on the golf course, this is an Iphone App worth checking out.

It’s for two to four players and it can be set for a quick nine holes or a full 18. There are 11 animal coins total and each coin is assigned a dollar value. Players “earn” animal coins in a variety of different ways and the player holds on to the coin until another member of the group commits the same folly, at which point, the coin is reassigned. Below are the animal coins and how they’re acquired.

  • Gorilla – Hit the ball out of bounds
  • Camel – Hit the ball into a bunker
  • Snake – Three putts on one hole
  • Fish – Hit the ball into a water hazard
  • Beaver – The ball hits a tree
  • Rabbit – The ball hits a cart path
  • Skunk – Triple bogey or worse
  • Birdie – Birdie or better
  • Gopher – Lost or unplayable ball that’s not out of bounds or in a water hazard
  • Goat – The ball is hit into a different fairway
  • Wildcat – Your call. Any errant shot you want it to be.

It’s a real simple process to get the app setup, just select number of holes, number of players, $ amount of the coins and which coins will be used during the round. The rest is trying not to play bad golf, which, funny enough, is what most of us try to do anyway.. 🙂

Payouts are calculated after both nine and 18 holes and there’s a double payout option you can turn on, which takes effect if a player holds all the coins at the turn and at the end of the round.

Couple things I didn’t like.. The birdie coin doesn’t have a value, positive or negative, I figure if it’s there and it can be selected, it should be worth something. It’s an app designed for the Iphone and as such, it doesn’t have the rotating function that many apps have. I don’t have an Iphone, so I played with it on the Ipad and it was slightly annoying having to turn it upright each time I wanted to make a correction. Yeah, Apple (R.I.P Steve Jobs) has spoiled us all.. 🙂

Lastly, I would love the option to save previous rounds and share them on the social networks, which presently Animal Coins lacks.

Having said that though, the Iphone app is only $1.99 and it’s intuitively designed.

Below is a youtube video demo of the app, check it out and let me know what you think.

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    OK, very cool and looks like it will be good fun while keeping the tracking straight. Another great use for a “Smart” phone. Thanks.

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    Gary here, I’m the developer behind Animal Coins Golf. Glad to see the great review. I thought I’d answer the question about the Birdie coin. It’s definitely a different coin then the rest and can be confusing which also makes it a lot of fun. We tried to reward a good hole with this coin. Basically, when you earn the Birdie it gives you the ability to toss back any coin you already have. But, you don’t have to use it right away. That makes it more interesting. You can hold off using it until later in the round but if someone else shots a Birdie you lose it to them. It’s a gamble!!!!

    On a side note, I’d love to hear back from anyone that has suggestions on how we can improve the app. Also, I’ll add new coins if anyone has suggestions. Send me an email with your thoughts or suggestions. Always enjoy hearing from other golfers and how they’re using the app.

    Email me at

    Thanks and enjoy your round,

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