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Kentwool, located in Greenville, South Carolina is a family-owned business that’s been manufacturing fine wool yarn since 1843. They broke into the footwear market in 2010 when they started selling premium merino wool golf socks.

It all started one sunny day when CEO Mark Kent found himself on the 18th hole during the BMW Nationwide Tour Pro-Am. An Eagle would guarantee him a spot in the final round. After a monster drive, his second shot, one that he could have made, fell short, closing the book on the tournament.

Three days traipsing around the mountainous course resulted in feet that were sore, blistered, and bleeding in spots. He was in pain and unfocused and missed the final round. He turned to his caddy and asked, “Why doesn’t anyone make a great golf sock?” To which his caddy replied, ” I don’t know, why don’t you make one?”

So, doing what any good player does, he followed his caddies advice and drew upon the company’s nearly two-century heritage in wool innovation to create a premium performance golf sock. Kentwool golf socks are proven to keep feet dry and comfortable whilst eliminating abrasions, blisters and fatigue. They’re the only company that owns the entire process from sheep to feet.

Merino wool is common in high-end, performance athletic wear and is regarded as some of the finest and softest wool available. It’s excellent at regulating body temperature, drawing moisture away from the skin, is highly breathable and contains lanolin which has antibacterial properties… for those foul footed lot.. 🙂

According to Kentwool, their premium golf socks maximize foot comfort, increase energy levels and boost on-course performance by combining fine merino wool and the company’s “WINDspun” air-infused technology. This technology is a proprietary blend of natural and high-tech fibers engineered to help Kentwool golf socks create an innovative, micro-climate system for superior moisture management and wicking, as well as odor control.

Enhanced cushioning at strategic micro-stress points along the foot result in unrivaled, abrasion-proof comfort round after round. Heel, toe and bridge elements designed with advanced reinforcement provide maximum support and protection against injury.

All Kentwool golf socks have a “Blister-free Guarantee,” allowing customers to try the socks and return them for a full refund if they aren’t satisfied.


So far, I’ve played three rounds of golf wearing the Kentwool socks and after a few washes, they look and feel as good as new. The socks are awesome. I have narrow feet, so my typical sock buying experience ranges from the too thick with excess material that bunches in the shoes or the too thin that feel great but wear out rapidly.

With the Kentwool golf socks, in my opinion, they’ve achieved sock thickness perfection. They’re thick enough to protect and thin enough so your feet can still breathe. Kentwool has designed the socks in a way that only puts excess material where it is needed, like at the back of the foot where there is constant friction between ankle and shoe.

They feel like a dream, it’s like you’re wearing custom fitted gloves on your feet. Just the right amount of pressure in all the right spots, like a never ending Swedish foot massage.. 🙂

But with great comfort comes a (depending on your perspective) great price. A pair of Kentwool golf socks will run you between $19.95-$24.95. If you’re like me, you don’t have a ton of room in your budget for premium golf socks, but, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to snag at least one pair to wear during those rounds that count! 🙂

If you own a pair of Kentwool golf socks, chime in, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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