Eidolon Golf unveils the new SCOR4161 Golf Clubs

Eidolon Golf, makers of some of the finest wedges on the market today, unveils a new brand, SCOR Golf and their flagship product SCOR4161 golf clubs. The innovative and revolutionary SCOR4161 product line totally redesigns short irons and wedges and erases the line between them.

This proprietary technology gives golfers the ability to build a precision, custom set of scoring clubs ranging from 41 to 61 degrees in loft.

The technology behind the revolutionary SCOR4161 scoring clubs was designed to deliver improved shotmaking performance in the scoring zone so golfers of all skill levels can improve their short games and lower their scores.

SCOR Golf President Terry Koehler believes the SCOR4161 product will make as powerful an impact on golfers’ performance in the scoring zone as hybrids did at the longer end of the set.

SCOR Golf is a brand focused solely on innovative solutions to help golfers improve their performance with their scoring clubs,” said Koehler. “Short irons that look like middle-irons don’t work as well as they could – because the difference between a 6-iron and wedge is the same difference as that between a 5-iron and 3- or 4-wood. Even in wedges, the loft difference between a pitching wedge and lob wedge is the same as that between a 4-iron and driver. It makes no sense for wedges of all lofts to look alike, or for short irons to look like 5-irons. We all know what happened when hybrids came along – long irons have become extinct. SCOR4161 can do the same to conventional wedges and set-match short irons.

At SCOR Golf, we’re keenly focused on the scoring clubs, those over 40 degrees of loft. These are very different tools from middle irons,” explained Koehler. “The result of over two years of research and testing manifests in SCOR4161, and it represents the most comprehensive package of scoring technology ever assembled. Every feature of these clubs is there to provide measurable shot making/scoring benefits for golfers of all abilities. For the first time in golf history, golfers can specifically put together just the right set of precision scoring clubs that will deliver improved trajectories and better accuracy while offering optimum forgiveness. In addition, SCOR4161 delivers better spin with the new groove geometry and extraordinary feel. We know that golfers will reap the benefits through lower scores.

The new SCOR4161 line of scoring clubs are available at scorgolf.com and at a growing number of selected golf pro shops. Presently available only in right handed models, the suggested retail price for a set of five clubs is $639.

You can head to the SCOR golf website and take the SCORFit fitting test to put you into a custom set designed for you skill level, taking into account the clubs you already have in your bag.

I’m very excited about the new SCOR4161 Clubs, unfortunately, I’ve got to wait a few months until lefty’s are available to review them.

I’ve currently got a 52, 56, and 60 degree Eidolon Wedge in the bag and I love them, the V-sole grind Terry came up with is fantastic and makes the clubs extremely versatile. I can only imagine what it’d be like to replace all the scoring clubs with the new SCOR4161 set.

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