Golf Connection: New Virtual Golf Simulator

Konami, recently showcased it’s latest virtual golf simulator called Golf Connection. In addition to awesome video games, the company  delves in amusement machines.

It’s newest golf simulator features technology that requires no special ball markings to register your golf shot and boasts accurate to within 30 centimeters. Golf Connection also features 150 replicated real-world golf courses and gives the user the option to share their results with their friends through social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Your swing data is stored on a smart card that you can later analyze and review through your web-enabled smartphone or PC.

Golf Connection is due to be released in September and will be significantly cheaper than last years model.

I would love to have one of these locally, the possibilities for remote golf tournaments are endless! 🙂

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    The main advantage of a golf simulator is definitely the power to efficiently play with no force, green charges, or tee times. Accuracy as well as authenticity are the things that create the simulation feel natural and life-like.

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