Heavy Putter from Boccieri Golf Review

The Heavy Putter is the flagship product from Boccieri Golf. The concept behind the product is pretty ingenious. It’s a golf training aid that is designed to be used on the golf course.

The Heavy Putter has a 75% higher balance point than most putters and the theory is that this higher balance point leads to a more consistent release through impact. This eliminates excessive hand and wrist action, and promotes a smoother stroke, more solid contact, and better distance control.

The Heavy Putter also features a back weighting system that adds additional weight into the grip end of the putter. This serves as a counter balance and allows Boccieri to add more weight to the head of the putter. The end result is a heavier putter that has an overall weight necessary to engage the larger muscles in the arms, shoulders and chest resulting in a more stable pendulum putting stroke.

Engaging the larger muscles in the body and the putters higher center of gravity, reduces the force on the wrists, leading to passive wrists resulting in a smooth, fluid putting stroke.

For the review, I requested the Mid-Weight C2-M because at the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show, I swear I sank five in a row from twenty feet. I’ve spent a good bit of time reviewing with this putter on the range and on the course. The Heavy Putter does indeed produce a consistent putting stroke. The weighting of the club makes it easy to repeat the same putting stroke and the only aspect left for you to figure out is distance control.

Because of the heavier club weight, the same putting speed you use with your current putter will result in greater distance with a Heavy Putter.

The downside to the Heavy Putter is the lack of feel it provides. The golf ball, regardless of which you use feels clunky off the putter face. It makes an awkward sound when striking the ball and the feel on long putts remind me of a hammer striking a nail.

The putter head cover needs some perfecting as well. It has two large magnets designed to cling to the putter shaft, but it ends up catching on the putter head as well as other clubs in the bag. It can be quite an annoyance.

Overall, I am very impressed with the results the Heavy Putter produces but the feel needs some refinement. Since it is a training aid as well as a club, you can groove a solid, consistent putting stroke by using it which will benefit your game if you decide to use a different putter.

They offer a wide variety of putters in the heavy, medium and light categories. The MSRP on the C2-M is $119.99 and is available online at Golfsmith.com.

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