AB Golf Designs Throwback Collection Head Covers

At the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show, I had the opportunity to meet the fellas from AB Golf Designs and was able peruse their extensive collection of wicked cool golf club head covers.

This year, the hot ticket item at their booth was the new gnome driver head cover, punctuated by the fact that as we were discussing the product line, one of the shows attendees walked up and offered to pay double if they’d let him take it with him.

Off the lawn and into the bag for this head cover who enjoys travel, photography and a good practical joke. He’s created with material that’s non toxic and flame retardant, which is a good thing for those days when your driver is on fire! 🙂 It fits all clubs from the big 460cc driver down to the fairway woods and is surface washable with a damp cloth.

I admit, I thought the head cover was pretty cool, but what really caught my attention was their Throwback Collection.

Not so much the look of the head covers, but the method in which they are constructed is pretty amazing. They were released back in January 2010 and they’re made from polyester fibers crafted from recycled plastic bottles. How awesome is that? This manufacturing process helps to diminish dependence on oil and minimize waste, in turn limiting toxic emissions from incinerators. Additionally, it reduces air, water and soil contamination.

These eco-friendly golf club head covers are crafted from “green” materials that look and feel like wool, with greater durability. The “old school” striped knit stockings with pom-poms top are available in a variety of color combination and sizes for woods, hybrids and putters.

The MSRP for these range between $22-$28 depending on the size.

I think this is a great idea, turning trash into a usable and durable product. I mentioned to these guys that they need to harvest their raw materials from that floating plastic island in the Pacific ocean.

What do you think?

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    Everybody loves the headcovers. And I also think this is a great idea, turning trash into a usable and durable product. We all are for anything Green that helps to save our irreplaceable planet.

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    Gotta love the Travelocity headcover. When the Aflac duck headcover came out…..I must admit, iI went out to buy it!

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