Iphone Golf App – GolfMoolah makes betting a breeze

GolfMoolah is an Iphone and Ipad golf app that is designed to take all the guesswork out of betting on the golf course so you can focus on whooping your playing partners instead of scratching your head like a caveman trying to figure out who won what and who owes who.

Touted to be the #1 rated golf betting Ipad app, GolfMoolah provides comprehensive details and instructions on the ten most popular golf betting games.

The golf betting games the app supports are; Acey Deucey, Bingo Bango Bongo, Las Vegas, Nassau, Quota Points, Sixes, Skins, The Snake, Thirty-Two and Wolf.

Golfmoolah has a database of over 18,000 golf courses to choose from as well as the capability to add a golf course if you cannot locate it. as well as calculate and track your round and wagers according to your handicap.

GolfMoolah provides you access to over 18,000 golf courses with no annual fee and gives you the ability to add a course if it cannot be located.


– Automated scorecard tracks all wagers for multiple games
– Also use traditional scorecard for super easy scoring
– Keep score for unlimited amount of golfers
– Stroke score & Net score displayed
Add any number of bets desired
– Score mode or money mode views for detailed standings
– Settle wagers via Paypal
– Email detailed scorecard & money scorecard for records
– Post handicap to GHIN
– View past rounds and money distributed for those rounds
– Adjusts strokes based on each player’s handicap
– Calculates course handicap for each golfer based on USGA rating & slope

Things I Likes:

No annual fee on the app and the robust course offerings.

Even if you’re not into betting on your golf games, the Iphone app is still useful as an electronic score keeper that easily uploads to the GHIN website.

I like that they added the ability to send payments to golf partners via paypal and for those who are into gloating, the fact that you can email the scorecard out.

All you have to do is enter your handicap and the app calculates the strokes per hole for each player.

The app has a slick interface, it’s a nice clean look and feel.

Things I Dislike:

The price, it’s $29.99 for the app, seems a bit expensive considering you can get most of the information online for free and there are some free scorecard apps, although not as classy and well done as Golfmoolah.

There’s no nine hole only scorecard functionality.

Presently, there’s no android or blackberry versions of the product.

There’s no Ipad version of the app available, it can still be used on the Ipad, but it’s sized for the Iphone with the 1x & 2x button in the bottom right.

Overall it’s a great app with quite a few features available. You can download it for $29.99 from the Itunes app store.

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  3 comments for “Iphone Golf App – GolfMoolah makes betting a breeze

  1. D

    Developers are always looking for ways to get their apps reviewed. This great site has paid apps for free but only for a limited time. They usually revert back to paid apps within 24 hours so it’s best to check back twice a day.
    The website is: http://www.appiology.com

  2. Fred

    I paid the $29.99 while holding my breath — I’m still holding it. I’ve had it for several months and still no updates. NONE of the courses I play are in the database. The fonts are way too small and the betting games need to be adjustable. Not everybody plays a Nassau the exact same way. I have been on a search for a really good golf betting app as long as the iphone has been on the market – can it really be that difficult?

  3. at

    how about the non iphone user,they cant download this application to their PC or laptop?.i am just thinking how about the low profile people but still they want to use this application.
    thanks for the post.

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