Battle of the Golf Blogs 2011 Movie Trailer

Battle of the Golf Blogs 2011 took place last Saturday, January 29th out at Falcon’s Fire Golf Course.

It was a grudge match year between Tony Korologos from and myself. He won the 2009 Battle and I won the 2010.

Due to some unforeseen Ice patch (in the parking lot of the Ski resort) Tony separated his shoulder and had to withdraw from the tournament. Totally sucks, but, those things happen…

Being a diehard Blogger and true media guru, however, Tony still attended the event, but instead of being a contestant, he filled the role of on site correspondent, videographer, photographer, twitter`erย  and Forecaddy.

Hot off the press, Tony, posted up the 2011 Battle of the Golf Blogs Movie trailer, see below.

The man is a video editing wizard!

I was planning on posting up the results of the tourney, but given the fact that we’ve got a movie coming out, I think I’ll hold off, wouldn’t want to spoil the ending….. ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay tuned for more!

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  2 comments for “Battle of the Golf Blogs 2011 Movie Trailer

  1. Lindsay

    Good thing we had witnesses at the event as who could believe the JD would choke on the last hole and give DL the putt for the win and you had to go and blast it 10ft by. Great fun and a well deserved split contest.

  2. at

    Haha Lindsay, you’re giving away the ending! ๐Ÿ™‚ But yes.. my putting definitely needs some work.. You sir, carried each team and played a pretty good round that day. You gonna be able to make it this weekend at Errol?

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